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Mar 12, 2014 06:23 PM

Fill in the blanks...

So our upcoming itinerary has two empty slots.
What would you add there?
Does not need to be expensive, but if it is that's okay today.

Thursday Dinner -- Kaikaya by the Sea

Friday Dinner -- ?????

Saturday Lunch - Tofuya Ukai
Saturday Dinner - New York Bar

Sunday Dinner - Nagazumi

Monday Dinner - L'Atelier Joel Robuchon

Tuesday Dinner - Ishikawa

Wednesday Dinner - ?????

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  1. The new-ish Sushi Takumi Shingo in Minami-Aoyama is my current favourite if in Tokyo with a sushi-eating date and say 40,000 yen.

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    1. re: shakti2

      We were considering adding a sushi restaurant. We had heard good things about Sushi Yoshitake. But you prefer Takumi-Shingo?

      Do you have another non-sushi recommendation?

      1. re: pauliface

        What about Ryugin or Jimbocho Den?
        Yakitori - Torishiki or Toriki?
        Ramen - Menya Ittou or Rokurinsha?

        1. re: pauliface

          Shingo is closed on Wednesdays now, so it'll only be an option for Friday.

          1. re: Gargle

            Gargle -- what might you recommend?

            BTW: Ryugin is off our list, and DEN is booked. :-)

          2. re: pauliface

            Yes, I quite like the 'yotsuya sho' style of sushi as a an occasional change of pace from a regular series of nigiri, and the clincher at Shingo is a nice convivial room with a particularly hospitable host.

            Other recommendations : Maru or Nakamura, both located between Shibuya/ Omotesando, for a-la-carte washoku meal (I assume all your others will be set meals ?) or Code Kurkku in Yoyogi, for modern Italian with local ingredients.

            1. re: shakti2

              Thanks so much! Nakamura and maru both sound very promising. Nakamura looks lively which is a plus.

              I will also look into Shingo as a replacement for yo shiitake... I. Found other chowhound post about it and it sounds unique and fascinating...

              1. re: pauliface

                If you are considering to try Sushisho style ... other than the one at Yotsuya, could consider trying Sushisho Masa in Roppongi ... equally friendly, pleasant experience, bigger pieces compare to yotsuya, and a lot more pieces.

                Yoshitake is good as well. The sauces he uses are interesting, uses mix vinegar shari, friendly, English speaking, but not as filling, and more expensive.

                1. re: pauliface

                  Happy to help ! Maru reliably has a properly-translated English version of its daily menu, specials included, if that's of relevance. Nakamura doesn't always, although the staff can usually sort something out if you know a bit of menu Japanese.

          3. We are in Tokyo now. So far, amazing!

            Sushi Tanuki Shingo: it's like going to the aquarium, except you get to eat everything! Seriously though, Tanuki-San is a delightful man, a complete maniac in the best way. He has deep knowledge and puts incredible thought into how he prepares each bite of each fish. He has a glowing, joyous presence. Unbelievably delicious, great variety, I give this place my highest rating.

            Thank you, shakti2, for recommending.

            Also, we went to Tofuya Ukai for lunch. Such a beautiful experience and lovely food. Like having an afternoon in Kyoto. This was my second time and it lived up to my memory and expectations...

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              1. re: shakti2

                Izakaya Nakumura Shibuya was also a winner!
                Great buzz/vibe/feel and every single thing we ordered was delicious.

                Thanks for the recommendation!