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Mar 12, 2014 06:03 PM

Lotus of Siam. What to order?

I will be in Vegas in a couple weeks and plan to eat at Lotus of Siam. What would you suggest I order?

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  1. Pretty much anything and everything. Don't miss out on the Nam Kao Tod appetizer - that's a spicy sour sausage salad - tastes waaaay better than it sounds

    1. I always get the same thing..

      Pad Thai Tofu, extra peanut sauce. .. 8-9 spice level that never seems to be enough and the Tom Yum Kai soup.
      DH loves the buffet for lunch.

      We always go for lunch and it is the best Thai restaurant in the US.
      When we road trip, we bring a cooler and I get orders of to go pad thai for later gator.

      Hopefully, uhockey and Dave Feldman will chime in!

      1. Ahhh the what to order at LoS question. Always one of my favorite. And quite honestly when/if Dave Feldman chimes in follow the oracles advice. And as already said, pretty much everything. I am not familiar with the proper names but my favorites are:

        Drunken noodle w/sea bass
        Khao Soi (never had until last year meeting Dave Feldman for lunch. As he recommended, no need to order the dish w/filet, regular beef just fine. My mouth waters...)
        Garlic Prawns
        Sweet/spicy wings
        Duck in cognac curry cream
        Mango sticky rice when in season.

        Celebrating my 50th there in June, can't wait. Enjoy!

        1. Linda,

          It IS really hard to single out dishes, although the suggestions you already have are great. How big is your party going to be? If you have more people, then the possibilities are better. For example, the whole catfish, charcoal grilled, is fantastic, and served (if you asked) with two sauces, chili-lime and tamarind). The barbecue beef, from the same grill, is also great.

          If you have eaten a lot of Thai food, you might want to focus on the Northern menu (it's hard, for example, to find the chili dips on the Northern menu, in many Thai restaurants in North America). And please don't be afraid to ask the staff to help you -- ask for Ai (pronounced like the letter A), the GM and wine director, or Sabrina, the younger Chutima daughter, who is almost always at the restaurant for lunch and dinner service.

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          1. re: Dave Feldman

            I have to reinforce the suggestion of going in a larger group and ordering many dishes (Though you can do well but with less choice going solo). One of the Northern dishes I really liked was the jackfruit curry. And don't forget the Nam Kao Tod appetizer I mentioned earlier (mildly surprised that noone else jumped on that one as it is amazing).

          2. I'll chime in again with our favorites:
            App: #14 Nam Kao Tod (crispy rice & sour sausage -- also a board favorite -- mentioned below)
            Soup: #23 Tom Kah Kai (Bangkok style)
            Main: #56 Nua Sao Renu (charbroiled beef w/tamarind sauce)
            There are other things we like, but we enjoy the above items so much we rarely order differently.

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            1. re: Steve Green


              Your post reminds me how easy it is to "lose" dishes at Lotus. I don't think I've had the Nua Sao Renu in almost 20 years. I have no idea why.

              Have you ever tried the sheetfish soup? It's not always available, even though it's on the menu. I believe that the sheetfish are imported from Thailand and LOS doesn't sell that much of it. If you like smoky, fish-based soups, it's heartily recommended.

              1. re: Dave Feldman

                I could go there once a week for the rest of my life and not have the same dish twice.