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Mar 12, 2014 06:01 PM

Places to go eat in south shore?

We just moved to the south shore (Brossard). Any good restaurants, cafés or bars to recommend? Any hidden gems? Thx!

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  1. I was born and raised on the south shore but I don't remember much (and a lot has changed since I was there!).

    Benny is a great takeout chicken. I am not able to find a similar chicken poutine in MTL.

    Kim Phat is one of the best supermarket for asian food.

    My friends used to go to Sushi Mushi for all you can eat sushi but now they go to Grand Sumo Sushi.

    My father used to go to this restaurant called "le vieux chablis" in saint-lambert where we could get upscale food but I don't know if its still open.

    Apparently the Adonis at the 10/30 is pretty good.

    There are not a lot of coffee places. Mostly Tim Horton's. We used to go to the Samovare in old longueil for a proper sit down coffee but Montreal is often not that further away.

    There are not a lot of good bars worth mentionning. We used to go at 1957 in the Vieux Longueil and its not even a bar. Mostly the good bars were in MTL.

    There is a Belgian Brewpub near the Charles Lemoyne hospital and its ok I guess. Tons of "Brasseries" with character but mostly there for old people and underage kids who try to sneak in without being carted, Stay away from the Fuzzy unless you want to fight a guy in front of a civic with neon lights in a parking lot at 2h30am.

    Everybody talks about the 10/30 all the time (it wasn't there when I left).

    1. Restaurant des jardiniers maraichers in LaPrairie (next to the farmers market) makes incredible chicken

      Bistro des bieres belges for mussels and beer (that's the belgian brewpub CaptCrunch mentioned i presume) next to hopital charles lemoyne

      A couple of good restaurants at Dix30, Niji for sushi, Siam for Thai food

      If you go to LaPrairie, there's Villa Massimo for Italian and Chez Julien

      Bars/Pub: a few of them at Dix30 but all the same crowd (Miles public house, commission des liqueurs) otherwise, i'd rather go downtown for bars

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        Yep! That was the Bistro de bières belges.

        1. Jusr south of hwy 30 at 5685 chemin Chambly, is a sweet little gem, Restaurant Iliade .Cozy place for breakfast brunch,, generous lunch specials, or good down to earth deli-diner fare. this place is a family style restaurant run by a Greek family that operates on the principle that feeding people well makes for a successful business. The line ups to the door are a testament to that. This place is the swiss army knife of restos, good solid value, with a menu with something for everyone.It is the kind of place you would be sent to if you stopped to ask the locals, and each time I left this establishment i was sarisfied, and with a nice doggy bag too. Viva la midnight snack.