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Mar 12, 2014 05:04 PM

Locally made frozen foods worth stocking

A thread on frozen dumplings sold by Kingdom of Dumpling got me thinking about stocking my freezer with some other local treats. What else worth eating is out there?

Let's restrict this to pre-frozen prepared dishes that don't suffer much from the freezing process, and which don't require more than two hours from freezer to plate. No microwaving and nothing that requires skill.

Any ideas besides what's listed below?

Kingdom of Dumpling dumplings:

Zanze plain cheesecake from Tower Market Mollie Stone's:

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  1. Great topic!
    I have dumplings from Tian Jin dumplings in my freezer as well as Shepherds purse wontons and rice balls with black sesame from Shanghai restaurant.

    1. Lucca's ravioli and perhaps some of their sauce.

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        Their frozen tortellini and pesto are also found in my freezer.

        1. Pelmeny from Cinderella Bakery.

          1. La Borinquena's tamales- they sell their excess holiday supply at a discount after Christmas.