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Mar 12, 2014 05:01 PM

Non-sushi Japanese dinner for 6?

Hey guys, I plan to eat with 5 other people at a Japanese restaurant(something new, not sushi) at around 6:30 on Saturday, any recs? Ootoya flatiron requires us to be there at 5:30 since they don't take reservations at all that day, and Hakata Tonton doesn't have any available tables for us. Oh and I would also like to avoid ramen joints and Izakayas if possible, since I'll be eating at those kind of places other days. Thanks!

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  1. Does it have to be new?

    Does it have to be Japanese

    THIS Saturday? Two days in advance?

    You're planning kinda late for such a big group on a Saturday night... And by constraining yourself to only non sushi, non ramen, non izakaya Japanese.

    Did you check OpenTable already? En looks like it has room.

    I'd also call Kyo Ya.

    Takashi looks like it can do an early table, 5:30pm.

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      I second En. That is probably the best shot, and the menu is extensive, the atmosphere nice.
      Fukarou is another choice but the place is small.
      Hirohisa is a wonderful place, and they don't have tables , it would be at the chef counter.
      Robataya might have tables available.
      Sobaya or Soba Koh
      Greenwich Grill or Basta Pasta for Japanese/Italian

    2. What about yakitori totto? (Although it may be considered an izakaya, not sure) they take reservations but you need to call