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Mar 12, 2014 04:24 PM

Taka versus Kanji: Which is better?

Is there any better sushi then those around the area?

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  1. What area are you talking about? How far are you willing to go? Thanks.

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      probably monmouth county area

    2. Nemo in Keyport: http://nemokeyport.com/ and Izu in Long Branch: http://www.yelp.com/biz/izu-sushi-jap... can hold their own.

      1. It might help folks if they knew "What is sushi to you?"

        As to your basic inquiry, I guess I'd pick Taka if you were asking me to be your guest, but that's 'cause I had some not so wonderful sashimi at Kanji once.

        If I were going out for sushi with my wife tonight, and wanted the best I knew within thirty minutes, I'd go to Kazu's new location in Freehold. http://sushibykazu.com/

        1. I've never been particularly impressed by the sushi at either of these places. Not that it's bad, but I don't think they're notably better than the other sushi joints in the area. I usually end up at Ichiban because it's close to me and I have a rewards card there.

          1. I like Taka, i ususally don't like non-traditional sushi rolls but I do like the ones at Taka. (Off topic but braised short ribs was the best thing on the menu though IMHO)

            I went to Nemo's once and the sushi was probably the worst part of the meal. The sushi was not bad but the cooked dishes were way better than the sushi.

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              I feel the same way about Nemo after three visits.

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                Been to Nemo once for sushi...it was weak.