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Taka versus Kanji: Which is better?

Is there any better sushi then those around the area?

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  1. What area are you talking about? How far are you willing to go? Thanks.

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      probably monmouth county area

    2. Nemo in Keyport: http://nemokeyport.com/ and Izu in Long Branch: http://www.yelp.com/biz/izu-sushi-jap... can hold their own.

      1. It might help folks if they knew "What is sushi to you?"

        As to your basic inquiry, I guess I'd pick Taka if you were asking me to be your guest, but that's 'cause I had some not so wonderful sashimi at Kanji once.

        If I were going out for sushi with my wife tonight, and wanted the best I knew within thirty minutes, I'd go to Kazu's new location in Freehold. http://sushibykazu.com/

        1. I've never been particularly impressed by the sushi at either of these places. Not that it's bad, but I don't think they're notably better than the other sushi joints in the area. I usually end up at Ichiban because it's close to me and I have a rewards card there.

          1. I like Taka, i ususally don't like non-traditional sushi rolls but I do like the ones at Taka. (Off topic but braised short ribs was the best thing on the menu though IMHO)

            I went to Nemo's once and the sushi was probably the worst part of the meal. The sushi was not bad but the cooked dishes were way better than the sushi.

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              I feel the same way about Nemo after three visits.

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                Been to Nemo once for sushi...it was weak.

            2. I am a fan of Kanji though I haven't been in awhile. For my sushi fix I routinely go to Ichiban in Ocean. If I'm looking to splurge a bit, I make it over to Yumi in Sea Bright. Good luck.

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                Hey B, never been to Yumi...what makes it a splurge vs. Ichiban?

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                  Yumi does have good sushi, and Sheunn is a master. The problem is, if you let him make you an Omakase dinner, you'd be looking at at least $125-$150 pp- more than some of the best NYC sushi places, which have a lot more variety of exotic fish. He sells small bites of O Toro sometimes for $40!! So, while Yumi really is good, beware the Omakase..which is also good....just very, very expensive for what it is.

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                    Sockster do you know of any places that sell toro around momouth county? (not yumi)

                    Kyoto has it sometimes but he even tells me it is not really worth buying. It is so damn expensive. The demand in areas outside major cities just isn't there to justify the expense.

                    1. re: corvette johnny

                      Toro is just too expensive. 8$ a piece? Come on.

                      I drive up to Mitsuwa for my toro fix.

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                    Joon - Sockster gave a good example how Yumi can be expensive. That being said, I definitely think the food is worth it most of the time. While the sushi is very good, what gets me coming back is their excellent fusion dishes a la Nobu in NYC. I normally order a bunch of their small plates which the kitchen will space out into a number of courses. As I'm sure you can appreciate, that type of ordering can get expensive (especially if you add the dishes with the more costly ingredients). You should definitely give them a try (before the summer). Good luck.