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Mar 12, 2014 03:56 PM

i need a patio, wings and non craft beers in the realms of Silver Lake/Los Feliz Adjacent

Call it Spring Fever, call it a sudden urge to work on a farmer tan while having pitchers of 5.0 ABV lager while chewing on chicken wings but I need such a place in the environs of the "east side".(love adding fuel to that controversial debate).

As much as Big Wangs annoys me it has a sort of convenient factor but is not close enough and while the Ye Rustic Inn is my hands down favorite i need that sun soaked seat.

danke - ciaopals!

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  1. Check out the menu at Cliff's Edge. Might be a bit more than you're looking for, though....but a great patio....

      1. re: kevin

        Thats right. On mondays they have a dozen wings and a pitcher of beer for $18, although the banner right outside says $17. Get there early cause this place gets packed

      2. Thinking outside the chicken, if you can switch out the wings for something more Mexican, I would suggest Senior Fish in Eagle Rock for this little relaxing outdoor beer and munch fest.

          1. there is that patio on the north side of ye rustic through the back