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Sep 18, 2002 12:33 PM

French olives in Montreal?

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For years I've been seeking, without success, an affordable source for French olives in Montreal. But while Moroccan, Spanish and kalamata olives are ubiquitous and a good selection of Italian olives can be found at Milano and other stores in Little Italy, I've yet to run across the tiny olives niçoises (aka Cailletier), meaty olives de Nyons (the only olive with its own appellation contrôlée) or the succulent green Picholines, to say nothing of Lucques and Salonenques. Bulk would be best. Small, exorbitantly expensive jars like those sold at Anjou Québec and Laurier Gourmand are not what I'm in the market for. Any ideas about where I might look? Thanks!

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  1. Marche Transatlantique
    9720 Waverly, Montréal

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      Thanks for the lead, Bob! Have visions of tapenade dancing in my head. From the street number, I'd guess the store's somewhere between Sauvé and Henri-Bourassa--is that right? A schlepp for me but will drop by soon.

      1. re: carswell


        I went to get some cake at Duc De Lorraine yesterday and I noticed a few jars of french olives. Can`t recall what kind they were though.

        1. re: nachodan

          Thanks, Dan. Will check them out the next time I'm there. I shudder to think of the price, though, especially in the quantities required for tapenade, boeuf aux olives, etc.

          1. re: carswell

            By French Olives do you mean light green olives in water with only herbs and spices... not brine at all?

            If so I am buying them from HEB store in Midland Texas.

            I am Looking for another source though as they are not always reordered and kept in stock on a uniform basis.