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Mar 12, 2014 03:36 PM

Waiting at OX?

We (2) are flying up to PDX tomorrow (Thursday) and our first stop is a long awaited dinner at OX. What is a good time to show up for 5:00 dinner? If we come early, which we are planning to do, can we wait at the Whey bar or do we just stand in line in front of Ox? I cannot determine what time the Whey bar opens.

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  1. If you want to get in at 5, show up at 4:30 and put your name in. You will be able to wait at the Whey Bar and have a drink while you wait.

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      Thanks so much! I am looking forward to our meal!

    2. Was there a month or so ago. Went to Whey Bar at 4:30, it was empty. They asked if we were going to Ox and then said that they would put us on the list and come get us when our seats (we like to sit at the cocktail bar) were ready. Had a great drink and chatted with the bartender and before we knew it, we were going next door for dinner.

      I understand that not everyone wants to go so early. But I'd much rather do that than wait. Besides, we didn't leave until around 8 o'clock can enjoy a leisurely dinner, especially if you order a course at a time.

      BTW, this was a Saturday won't be as crowded tonight.


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        Went at 4:30 to the whey bar. We had a beer (hubby) and cocktail and then we're called to the restaurant at 5:00. The place did not fill up until well after six and then there were still places at both bars. Good meal- lamb shoulder yummy as well as two veggie sides. The empanadas were large and good. Service very good and pleasant as are most places in Portland.