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Mar 12, 2014 03:24 PM

stainless steel

ok - i just heard about something called SURGICAL GRADE stainless steel. (I know, i'm probably the last to find out..)

what the heck is THAT??? does "surgical" even mean anything? i'm not using it for surgery - it's for cooking!

supposed to NOT LEACH NICKEL into my food. really?? i'd hate to have to throw out a lifetime of collecting beautiful cookware just to make sure i'm not poisoning my family.

i have a hard time believing this one folks.. anyone got any evidence? am i filing this info with sasquatch and area 51? or do i start chucking braisers and sauciers out the windows?

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  1. its a BS marketing term generally used to sell infomercial cookware particularly "waterless"

    1. Hi, rmarisco:

      Do not defenestrate your braisers and sauciers. "Surgical stainless", as used in cookware marketing, is pure bunk. It's one of the favorite ploys of the waterless hucksters.

      There *are* specialty SS alloys which resist corrosion better than 18/8 and 18/10 at very high temperatures (think refineries and power plants). One of the waterless weasels uses one of these (I looked it up once, think it was 316 or 319), but if you examine the metallurgy and physical properties, if offers no benefit short of 700C.


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        <Do not defenstrate your braisers and sauciers>

        you slay me, kaleo!

      2. Lmao, don't start chucking yet. I try do do most of my cooking with iron cookware for this reason

        1. Surgical grade is great for surgical tools. Nurses' bandage scissors will last forever and always look good. I don't know why that matters for cooking. I leave it to the EPA, FDA, etc. to ensure that my cooking implements aren't going to poison me.

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          1. re: GH1618

            HAHA!!! so... maybe i need to be using surgical tools instead of my beloved wooden implements instead! ;))

          2. I don't think it's fair to lump surgical stainless and Area 51 together. One is hokum and the other is part of a valid conspiracy theory. I'm just saying. :)

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              (i think that's me answering my own question..)

              1. re: rmarisco

                Oh, well, yeah, that's entirely different, then. Point taken.