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Anyone been to Ursa lately?

Just wondering if Ursa is still an interesting and satisfying place to eat?

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  1. I don't know about the food, but they have the best bartender in town right now.

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      What is your drink of choice? What have your friends/circles ordered? I don't doubt you - it is your opinion to own, but I'm trying to determine if the bartender would suit my tastes. Merci.

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        I'm not talking just in terms of cocktails - I'm talking about service, presentation et al. The service by this particular bartender is absolutely unparalleled in Toronto. I usually order a Negroni (which has vastly varying quality, despite what one might think), and my SO typically orders a Manhattan or Old Fashioned.

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          I'm wine drinker.
          Last time they told me they were out of the wine I ordered AFTER I ordered the meal (rather than when I ordered it).

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            This bartender is a recent addition (within six months). I can't speak to their sommelier(s).

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            Perfect Manhattan's and Rusty Nail's are my go to cocktails.

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              While I appreciate a good cocktail I was really enquiring about the food. Can anyone comment on the food? Quality, innovation, value? Will I be pleasantly surprised, satiated and feel like it was worth what I paid?

      2. my vegan friend recently told me it was an excellent, memorable experience of a meal, other people i know who went closer to when it opened (not vegan) had mixed but generally positive reviews, i'd really like to try it myself

        1. I went in November-ish and had a great meal. Really enjoyed the glass of wine I had too.

          1. Had a Manhattan on Saturday. It was very good and I discovered the very potent Jerry Thomas bitters.

            1. Had dinner here a couple weeks ago. It's still a great option for a healthy-ish splurge meal - beautiful, creative, delicious dishes, attentive service.

              1. We were 4 people who went to URSA yesterday (Easter week-end). It was interesting flavours, small portions and very expensive. We did the Summary tasting, which means 3 courses for $55. We also had cocktails ($14+) and found they were sour and tasted strange. They also offer the 5 course dinner ($75) and 7-course (can't remember the price). however, if you do the 5 or 7 course, everybody at the table has to order the same thing from the menu whereas for the 3-course, you can pick different items to try.
                Appetizer: Sea urchin (mouse) with cream and caviar: that was probably the best choice. My husband had the raw prawns, they are nothing special, they are like the ones you have for sashimi. My friend had the tofu - must avoid, it's in a no tasting broth with mushrooms. Her husband had the beet mousse with insects (yes, you will see them on the plate).

                For mains, we had:
                1) Lamb: deliciously grilled. The lamb has been split up and reconstructed with a big piece of fat covering the top, nicely charcoaled. It is delicious and has that char grilled flavour. But so small. The sides (celery, beet, and some puree were nothing special, very sour.
                2) Sous-vide chicken: it was nice but again nothing special.

                Dessert: Chocolate mousse, pieces of cookies, hard to explain the composition of all these bits.

                It was an expensive meal, not worth it. We came out of there unsatisfied. We paid close to $200 for 2 people (including tax and tip one cocktail per person and no wine). For that money, I would have gone to Richmond Station for their great tasting menu or the Harbord Room for a course dinner. It wasn't worth the trek to Ossington and we ended up going for fries and beers at Bellwoods Brewery after.