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Mar 12, 2014 03:08 PM

Anyone been to Ursa lately?

Just wondering if Ursa is still an interesting and satisfying place to eat?

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  1. I don't know about the food, but they have the best bartender in town right now.

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    1. re: justxpete

      What is your drink of choice? What have your friends/circles ordered? I don't doubt you - it is your opinion to own, but I'm trying to determine if the bartender would suit my tastes. Merci.

      1. re: Apprentice

        I'm not talking just in terms of cocktails - I'm talking about service, presentation et al. The service by this particular bartender is absolutely unparalleled in Toronto. I usually order a Negroni (which has vastly varying quality, despite what one might think), and my SO typically orders a Manhattan or Old Fashioned.

        1. re: justxpete

          I'm wine drinker.
          Last time they told me they were out of the wine I ordered AFTER I ordered the meal (rather than when I ordered it).

          1. re: estufarian

            This bartender is a recent addition (within six months). I can't speak to their sommelier(s).

          2. re: justxpete

            Perfect Manhattan's and Rusty Nail's are my go to cocktails.

            1. re: Apprentice

              While I appreciate a good cocktail I was really enquiring about the food. Can anyone comment on the food? Quality, innovation, value? Will I be pleasantly surprised, satiated and feel like it was worth what I paid?

      2. my vegan friend recently told me it was an excellent, memorable experience of a meal, other people i know who went closer to when it opened (not vegan) had mixed but generally positive reviews, i'd really like to try it myself

        1. I went in November-ish and had a great meal. Really enjoyed the glass of wine I had too.

          1. Had a Manhattan on Saturday. It was very good and I discovered the very potent Jerry Thomas bitters.

            1. Had dinner here a couple weeks ago. It's still a great option for a healthy-ish splurge meal - beautiful, creative, delicious dishes, attentive service.