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Mar 12, 2014 02:44 PM

Szechuan Takeout Tonight

Hi hounds,

I will be dining alone tonight and figured I'd take the opportunity to get some Szechuan takeout from Chinatown. I haven't had too many different kinds of dishes (dan dan noodles, ma po tofu, deep fried tofu, qing dao clams, many different kinds of dumplings) and the tricky thing is that I'm allergic to shellfish besides clams. What should I get tonight? I should also add that I can only do moderate heat without crying into my noodles/dumplings/etc.


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  1. Chongqing Chicken (Dry Fried Chicken) can look scary, but if you don't want the spice and don't eat the piled on dried and green hot peppers, it's a nicely flavored dish.

      1. the problem is usually trying to convince a restaurant to give you a blast of heat; i do not think that there is a big problem convincing them to be gentle with you.

        you might go with Sichuan Gourmet that is in Brookline.

        1. I love the Szechuan-style flounder at Dumpling Cafe, tho maybe better dining in. And the Dry Fried Chicken at New Shanghai.