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Late Dinner Suggestions after a Broadway Show

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My family and I are seeing Jersey Boys Saturday night and should get out between 10:30-11:00 pm. We don't want to eat a full meal prior to the performance, preferring a light snack, then a more leisurely dinner after the show.

We're trying to sort out our options within reasonable walking distance of the theater and our hotel, which is near Rockefeller Center. A bit of research has brought up Don Antonio's, John's Pizza, Hourglass Tavern, Joe Allen, Cafe Un Deux Trois, Becco as possibilities. Looking for something decent, hopefully good.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on these restaurants as well as other suggestions you may have. Thanks for your help.

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    1. Hop into a cab, get out of the theatre district. While many restaurants in the area serve till 11 p.m. or midnight, it is a certain feeling when you know the restaurant is closing soon. The other week we did that, saw a show then got out of the area.

      Balthazar is a good choice post theatre, and is always packed at midnight.

      The two sushi sambas are also good later options. One on Park Avenue South, one downtown. Along with many others restaurants, outside the theatre district. Once outside that area you have many more options, and the food likewise generally improves.

      1. Thanks for your comments and the link, we'll consider getting out of the area too. I also read the post on best theater restaurants that mentioned Langan's Pub which is open quite late. Yakitori Totto is a possibility, although we're having sushi the night before, so may or may not want Japanese two nights running. Don Antonio's looks like a solid choice.

        I'm sure we'll come up with someplace good from the suggestions we've received.

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          You might want to consider Hakkasan on 44th and 8th for Chinese or Carnegie Deli at 7th and 55th.

          I wouldn't recommend Becco, the food I've had there has been mediocre.

        2. I was very happy last year with an after-theater appetizer platter at Molyvos.

          1. If you want to get a little adventourous you could try Totto Ramen on 52nd.

            1. It's a tough call, not knowing what time you'll actually be out. Some places do last seatings at 11:00 - if you get out at 10:30 you'll be fine. If you get out at 11:00, you might not make it.

              Checked Opentable for late tables (for four? You didn't say... How many are in your family?) and there are a few good options:

              Babbo has an open table at 11:15. I actually like dining there late, as the crowd thins out it's a little more relaxed, and they never rush you.

              Boulud Sud & Bar Boulud - 11:30
              Mas (farmhouse) or Mas (la grillade) - both have 11:15 tables
              Morimoto - 11:15, 11:45
              Narcissa - takes reservations very late, tables at 11:30. 12:00, 12:30...
              DB Bistro - 11:15
              The Dutch - 11:30. 11:45
              Il Buco Alimentari - 11:30, 12:00
              Lupa - 11:30, 11:45
              Public - 11:30
              Skal - 11:30
              Toro - 11:30
              Txikito - 11:30
              Marea - 11:30
              Toloache (Midtown) - 11:30
              Osteria Morini - 11:30
              Recette - 11:30
              Rayuela - 11:30
              Empellon Cocina - 11:15
              Hakkasan - 11:30 (I wasn't a fan but some other 'houders are...)

              ...okay, I'll stop listing. That's probably more than enough menus to pick through...

              Aforementioned Balthazar only has reservations to 11:00 this Saturday. Trying a walk-in there is possible, but on a Saturday night you could be standing in the cold for a long time. I'd go somewhere you can reserve for sure.

              1. That is fairly late for a leisurely dinner in that area. I would opt for prior. Don Antonio over John's. Other options (mostly a few minutes outside of the area)

                Gotham West Market
                Gazala's Place
                Pure Thai
                The Marshal

                More ideas here...

                1. Thank you everyone, such wonderful restaurant suggestions and late dining tips. I wouldn't have thought of using Opentable, but will definitely look into those restaurants that have it after the show. You've also given us some options to consider on our free evenings as well. Looking forward to a great visit.