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Mar 12, 2014 12:34 PM

Blossom then Sweets Raku - enough time?

Hello, oh patient Vegas 'hounds. I can only imagine the endless "where should I eat questions" you get from visitors, so I will try and keep my questions very specific.

I am planning on dinner at Blossom on a Tuesday night. I would *really* like to have dessert at Sweets Raku afterwards. The trick is that I need to get back to the MGM Grand to catch KA at 9:30. If I reserve at Blossom for their opening at 5:30, will I have enough time to have a comfortable dinner there, drive to Sweets Raku, then back for KA?

On a separate note, how would you rank the following options for brunches/lunches (I have several days to fill):

China Poblano
Lotus of Siam
Tacos el Gordo
Border Grill

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  1. I will leave timing to others to answer (my guess would be yes, comfortably). My rankings would be as follows (hard to compare some of these...apples and oranges):

    1). Lotus, Lotus, Lotus...and Lotus (Lunch, weekdays only)
    2). Verandah (#1 brunch vote)
    3). Border Grill (#2 brunch and lunch vote)
    4). Tacos el Gordo (#3 lunch)
    5). Bouchon (#3 brunch)
    6). China Poblano

    1. As long as you do not get caught in Strip traffic, yes. IMO, you'd be better off to go to Sweets Raku first (say, 3pm when they open) and then go to dinner. Dessert before dinner? Why not?? It'd save you the headache.

      Lotus is a definite for lunch and I like most of what LVI says, but I'd put Bouchon at #1 brunch (haven't been to Verandah, but have had plenty of opportunities I've passed on)

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      1. re: uhockey

        Hi, uhockey!

        Does Sweets Raku open at 3? Their Facebook page says they open at 6. If it's 3, then that solves everything (I clearly have no objection to dessert before dinner).

        1. re: TorontoJo

          Alas, it looks like they just changed their hours as of March. But it sounds like it's still possible to do Blossom, then Sweets Raku in time, assuming there isn't a long wait at SR.

          1. re: TorontoJo

            Was unaware of the time change. You should be safe, though. Just be weary of traffic.

        2. Here's another alternative - forget about Blossom. Have dinner at Raku and then walk the 40 feet to Sweets Raku...and then off to KA....and you'll have a beautiful meal that you'll never forget...

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          1. re: 5GBoyee

            Thank you. That was my original plan, but my niece really wants to try some of the fish dishes at Blossom.

            1. re: 5GBoyee

              Though I have one solo dinner planned and will probably go to Raku for that!

            2. By the way, is there a wait to be seated at Sweets Raku on a weekday evening?

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              1. re: TorontoJo

                I've only been to Sweets once - and there was no wait...I recommend sitting at the bar, not a table. You really want to see the magic happen. As for your niece - if she was MY niece - I'd tell her...she can got to Blossom anytime. But Raku is a revelatory experience...I've been there 4 times...and I've brought friends there and they all say the same thing....they've never experienced anything like it...anywhere...

                1. re: 5GBoyee

                  Raku is excellent, but I disagree that Blossom is can be gone to "Anytime" any moreso than Raku. Both do what they do VERY well.

              2. My rankings would be the same as LVI's (with the proviso that I've never been to China Poblano).

                I'm a little less optimistic about the time pressure you might be under to do the Blossom to Sweets Raku to Ka. I think you can make it with a little time to spare, but I bet you it will not be without moments of anxiety.

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                1. re: Dave Feldman

                  "Bet" being the operative word Dave. It's VEGAS baby, go for it Jo! I've got $5 says Jo makes it....

                  1. re: LVI

                    LOL! Thanks for the vote (?) of confidence.

                    Does anyone know if Abriya Raku always has kama toro available? I might be able to talk my niece into going to Raku if kama toro is available. She adores fish cheeks, and she didn't realize when looking at the menu that kama is tuna collar/cheek.

                    A side question: are cabs fairly plentiful/reliable on and off the strip? If I'm going to make this crazy timing work, I think I'm going to need cabs available immediately or there when called/scheduled.

                    1. re: TorontoJo

                      You'll need to call a cab in advance to get from SR to KA. Getting from Blossom to SR will be simple (and about $30)