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Mar 12, 2014 12:33 PM

Prime Rib in Nassau?

Been on a quest to find really great Prime Rib in Nassau. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.

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  1. Are you looking for a butcher or a steakhouse?

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    1. re: emarcus

      thought I should have maybe mentioned that! Restaurant, not a butcher. Thanks.

      1. re: pwrube

        OK, not to be a stickler (well, OK, I am a stickler) but "prime rib" usually refers to a roast, a standing rib roast. Places that serve a true prime rib cut it off a roast. But I think you're looking for a rib steak (with bone) or rib eye steak (without bone). Restaurants advertise "prime rib" because it has the word "prime" in it--without the steak having to actually be prime. In other words, there's such a thing as a choice prime rib.

        Plenty of restaurants serve a bone-in rib steak and, in fact, I find that the most dependable steak there is. An average rib steak will be better than an average sirloin or T-bone or porterhouse, in my opinion.

        That said, Luger's has a lunch special on Tuesdays of "roast prime ribs of beef" and on the dinner menu there are "prime roast ribs of beef, extra heavy cut on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, when available."

        Bryant & Cooper sometimes has what they call a "full cut prime rib."

    2. Volpe Ristorante in Woodbury has a "Thursday Prime Rib Lovers Delight". I haven't tried it myself, but it is a popular spot.

      The menu, , has listed a soup, salad and choice of Queen, King and Cowboy cut with potato and vegetable.

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      1. re: Gastronomos

        I've been wondering about Volpe. That's the place at Fox Hollow. PWRube, let us know if you go!