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Mar 12, 2014 11:24 AM

Berners Tavern [London]

Anyone been?
Looks lovely.

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  1. I liked the dining room, bright, airy and the picture clad walls are fun. The service was good though friends have been very negative on this. I had a very good conversation with a sommelier and found some interesting and not so expensive wines.

    For my taste, the menu was more interesting to read than to eat and while technically sound was not exciting on the palate. Overall, the experience fell below my VFM expectations.

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    1. re: TLC_Tim

      Similar experiences at Social Eating House and Pollen Street Social, the latter a long while ago. Great technique, but the dishes never exceed the sum of their parts.

      1. re: limster

        On only one visit, I assessed P S Social as a good place for first courses but the mains were flat and like BT, it fell below the line of being worth a return visit. Your post reminds me that I also have a very good conversation with a sommelier there as well and this is always welcome.

    2. Starting to think Jason Atherton is spreading himself too thinly. City Social will be his 5th (?) in the UK before you even consider Singapore.

      Never been but most reports have been broadly positive, often about the room as much as the food.

      1. Last year I ate in all four Atheron restaurants here. Bernes was by far my worst experience of the four. A couple of dishes were barely average and the service was off; granted these both could have been teething issues. I did think at the time (like MIT) that this may be the start of him spreading himself too thinly... well he is formerly of the Ramsay fold.

        As well as City Social he is also opening something in the old Viajante space as well this year in addition to, I believe, something in the Dubai. So he may have 6 places in London plus at least that many in Asia.

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        1. re: restaurantsandrants

          I thought he was already in Dubai? I think in Asia he already has two in Shanghai, three in Singapore and two tapas places in Hong Kong with a third (in the pollen street social mode) opening soon.

          1. re: PhilD

            I don't think Dubai is open yet:

            Yeah you are right, according to his website currently open are:
            Singapore: Esquina , Pollen and Keong Saik Snacks
            Hong Kong: 22 Ships and Ham & Sherry
            Shanghai: Table No.1 and Social Commune

            I also remember hearing at some point that he was going to open something more like PSS in HK too.

        2. Loved the picture clad walls. .