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Mar 12, 2014 11:10 AM

BEST BLOODY MARY's along CT Eastern Shoreline??

So - with the melting of the snow and a recent visit to Boston I have Bloody Mary's on my mind.

We went to a brunch in Boston where they had the most outstanding make your own Bloody Mary setup!!!

Anything like that along CT shoreline? Heck anywhere in central CT?

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  1. Not sure of any places in CT, but the Ocean House in Watch Hill RI offers a GREAT Bloody Mary bar during their brunch. You pick from any of several top vodkas, type of mixer juice, type of rim salt, and choice of garnish. Give it a try it is not too far from CT shoreline.

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      Thanks JDgall..... I have heard others say generally good things about Ocean may have to put it on my spring summer list!

      1. re: few

        Their brunch selection of foods is also very good.