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Sep 12, 2002 09:19 AM

Afternoon Tea Montreal/Quebec City

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Any suggestions on where to go for afternoon tea in either one of these cities. Also what is the appropriate dress code and what are we to expect in price range. Will be there late October.Appreciate any comments. thanks

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  1. The Ritz-Carlton Hotel is renowned for its afternoon tea, the genuine article with leaf tea, scones, crumpets, crustless sandwiches, clotted cream, and so on, not to mention impeccable service. I've only taken it outdoors at the Jardin du Ritz, the lovely garden restaurant with a duckpond (the staff will give young children bread for feeding the ducklings), but late October will probably be a little too late for that. Tea is also served indoors, in the elegant lobby I believe. Dress code: upscale casual to fancy business. Price range: it's been a while but I'd imagine you're talking C$15-20 a person. Service hours: 3:30 to 5:00 or 5:30 p.m.

    Have never had tea in Quebec City but a friend there suggests you try the Château Frotenac.

    1. there is botanical garden in montreal-they have japanese tea ceremony-
      you may want to check out for a list of teashops-
      an excellent place to have tea is camellia sinensis-
      351-Emery 1-514-286-4002
      if u want to purchase tea-both holt renfrew and beljeman&barton on sherbrooke street both have good selections and tea accessoories.

      u may also want to try usenet group

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        I'd love to hear some more suggestions for high tea in Montreal.

      2. See the following from last year.... (ps not sure if this is how you post a link, I just cut and paste)

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          jacquie, see this current link, the Ritz Carlton is closed until further notice.

        2. I have had high tea at the Queen Elizabeth, and I don't recommend it at all. No ambiance, and you could tell the food was pre-prepared (and too far in advance). It was falsely advertised to me that tea would be served in fine china. I've had the British-style tea service in places in Victoria B.C., for example, but this was the first place in Montreal I've tried out. Totally disappointing, so consider that a little warning!

          However, I've been to quite a lot of Montreal tea houses that were excellent experiences, it just wasn't for British style. Camellia Sinensis was mentioned already, but I second that recommendation.

          Camellia Sinensis
          351, Emery
 (just west of St. Denis) Tel. 514.286.4002
          A second location at Jean-Talon Market.
          AND they have a Quebec City location!

          Run by a small group of knowledgeable and more “scientific” tea buyers, who buy directly from the growers. I like this place because they cover many tea growing regions, not just a few: Indian, Sri Lankan, Chinese, Taiwanese, Japanese. The teas are vintaged (dated). You can just go in for a cup off the menu, or you can go for guided tastings Saturdays at 11 a.m. Seminars are also available. A really nice selection of tea cups and cast iron tea pots. The purist can enjoy the teas presented according to the origin of the tea – but if you’re not so picky about your tea, you will still enjoy the very relaxing atmosphere.

          Ming Tao Xuan
          451 St-Sulpice, Vieux Montreal T. 514-845-9448. Very impressed by the atmosphere and great selection of tea pots and tea accessories (styles I have not seen anywhere else). Have gone back again to experience their sit-down area (with some limited food available too – dumplings were good). The furniture is very impressive: warm, natural colours. Very nice, rich, bright atmosphere.

          L'Orienthé - Tea Lounge; 4511 Rue St Denis; 514-995-6533; modeled after ones in France; very modern but cozy atmosphere; great teas – Turkish style and yummy baklava. A nice place for a romantic date. Note: you take your shoes off at the door!

          This is not a tea-room, but just a store, and I realize not all that relevant, but since we're on the topic of tea:

          Jiu Fu Inc.
          1111, Saint-Urbain, R19A; Tel: (514) 807-7207 (Chinatown) – the first store I was really impressed with, where the people new what they were talking about. Good selection of Taiwanese Oolongs. Can taste the teas, ask lots of questions. It’s in the large complex that you also find the dim-sum place “Kam Fung”. Oriental management (I think Taiwanese). Very friendly. Also a good web site explaining their teas: Oriental Beauty (BaiHao Oolong), Noble Beauty (contains Liquorice grass), Jade Oolong, Orchid Oolong, Creamy Jinxuan (oolong), Dragon Pearls (Jasmine), Meng Ding Yellow Buds (Yellow Tea).

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            Wow, this is excellent info! Thank you so much. I don't necessarily need British high tea. In fact, I really enjoy Asian tea experiences.