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ST PATRICKS eats and fun along CT eastern shoreline?

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  • few Mar 12, 2014 10:59 AM
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SO ,looks like my plans are now in reset for this St Patricks day weekend....
I am looking for some place to go , get some eats, Guiness and maybe some music - - NOT LOOKING to get drunk! Just a place to have a great time eating some CB&C, drink a well poured Guinness (preferable on tap) and get some traditional entertainment!?

So help me out here CH'rs!!!!

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  1. Well - guess I S.O.L...... cannot say I did not try...... 8-(

    1. I know Bill's Seafood puts on a big deal annual St Pat's thing, but I've never been personally. I know of it through family friends who go every year. Live music, too. See here:

      Maybe someone from down your way can chime in as to whether it's worthwhile.

      1. Essex-go-bragh!

        1. Try Penny Lane Pub in Old Saybrook. I'm pretty sure they have all three of your requests....Guiness, CC&B and probably some live music. Good luck, Few.

          1. So, where did you go--what did you do? Can't say we didn't try...