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Mar 12, 2014 10:59 AM

ST PATRICKS eats and fun along CT eastern shoreline?

SO ,looks like my plans are now in reset for this St Patricks day weekend....
I am looking for some place to go , get some eats, Guiness and maybe some music - - NOT LOOKING to get drunk! Just a place to have a great time eating some CB&C, drink a well poured Guinness (preferable on tap) and get some traditional entertainment!?

So help me out here CH'rs!!!!

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  1. Well - guess I S.O.L...... cannot say I did not try...... 8-(

    1. I know Bill's Seafood puts on a big deal annual St Pat's thing, but I've never been personally. I know of it through family friends who go every year. Live music, too. See here:

      Maybe someone from down your way can chime in as to whether it's worthwhile.

        1. Try Penny Lane Pub in Old Saybrook. I'm pretty sure they have all three of your requests....Guiness, CC&B and probably some live music. Good luck, Few.

          1. So, where did you go--what did you do? Can't say we didn't try...