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Mar 12, 2014 10:35 AM

Transplanting to Bloomington, IN from California - question about Bloomingfoods grocery

We are moving from California and I am wondering if we can find Mexican cooking supplies, such as dried corn husks, at Bloomingfoods (or any other local grocery stores)? Or should I buy them here?

For former Californians, are there any other pantry staples you would suggest we bring? We are vegetarians and cook mainly Mexican, Ethiopian, and Indian food.

The Bloomington farmer's market looks great and we are looking forward to starting a new garden this spring.

Thank you!

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  1. I don't know that Bloomingfoods does or does not have what you are looking for but I don't think you'll have a problem finding groceries. You could always call them. There are a number of small ethnic markets.

    I wouldn't worry about bringing anything. You are going to love the farmer's market. And the restaurant scene has been improving over the years.

    1. I don't know about Bloomingfoods, but there are ethnic markets in town where you can buy dried corn husks and a variety of ingredients needed for Mexican and Indian cooking.

      Our farmers' markets are wonderful!

      I'm a native San Franciscan, and found the Midwest difficult to love at first, but it grows on you.

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        pikawicca knows just about all aspects of all foods :) Keep an eye on her!

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          Pika and I are friends and occasional cooking buddies. You could e-mail us questions.

      2. Great - thanks for the reassurance, it makes my life much easier if I don't have to stock up ahead of time! Thanks, again.

        1. Kind of a bummer having to move to Indiana, but if I were to pick a city in Indiana to live in I would choose Bloomington over all others. I live in NW Indiana, near Chicago and hate it up here in "Chain City".

          1. You will be fine with the groceries. Bloomington is quite cosmopolitan. We have a large ethnic population so there are lots of places to shop and if you cannot find what you want here Indy is about an hour or so. Th north side if Indy has some great ethnic stores. There is a huge Asian market Saraga, not the Saraga in Bloomington...they have some good items as does Obo, but the other is huge, an old super walmart store. They have food from all over. Another good bet is Jungle Jim's in Cincinnati. That is a doable trip, it does not take that long to get there. Plan on at least 2-3 hours before heading home.

            When you get here you will want to go to Goods for Cooks on the west side of the square downtown. Also you must go to ETC for the Home. A totally amazing store. I helped to get the home store up and running before retiring. People are just stunned when they first visit. It is south of town, S. Walnut St. As you head down Walnut you will see a closed Hostess store and Lisa Allen Ins. Agency. It is across the street from the armory. Don't miss it.

            There is also a market on 10th St. On the eastern side of the campus I carries a good amt of Middle Eastern food as well as other ethnicites. It is...!0th St. Mkt.

            We came here from northern NY (45 mins from Montreal) in '81 for one more degree, 18 mos. We are getting ready to move to Savannah, the 18 mos. are long over. I was a pretty unhappy camper for 3 years. The town has grown and is much improved since then.