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Mar 12, 2014 09:58 AM

Why oh Why did I buy a 12lb corned beef!!!

I need to cook a 12lb corned beef Sunday! I am trying to find out how long to cook it (not in the oven)

I am wondering if it would be better to cut it in half and cook in 2 pots?

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  1. No, it wouldn't be better. Why not in the oven?

    If you're braising it, it'll take the same time either way.

    1. I am reading that it takes 50m per lb so around 10hrs for the whole 12lbs

      If I cut it in half and use 2 pots it will be done sooner

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      1. re: doberlady

        If it's flat I don't think this simple formula makes sense; it's not like a turkey that is bigger in all three dimensions; how thick is it? I can't imagine it would need to cook for 10 hours, and cutting it in half isn't going to make it thinner, only shorter, so that wouldn't really change the cooking time.

        1. re: doberlady

          It won't take the whole ten hours, I would start checking on the tenderness after 5-6 hours.

          Perhaps fourunder will check in, the meat expert.

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            Thanks for the kind posted exactly one minute before me down below.

        2. Don't cut it in half, but since it sounds like you have a whole brisket, you want to divide it into the flat and point cuts. The two sections of meat have a different grain and the point needs a longer cooking time. Separating them into the two pieces will make it easier to cut across the grain and to cook each to optimal temperature. Also, it will be easier to handle two pieces rather than one big hunk. If you have a big enough pot, you can keep them in the same pot and you'll remove the flat before the point.

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          1. re: Melanie Wong

            The two sections are divided by a layer of fat,if I remember correctly.

          2. i have a large electric roaster that I could use to cook both at the same time

            1. it looks to be all 1 flat piece

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              1. re: doberlady

                Wow,that seems very big to me, maybe a huge cow! I would still cut in half to fit my pot! Good luck, it is only boiled/braised beef so little worry!