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Mar 12, 2014 09:55 AM

What happened to Neo Sushi Studio??

My husband and I LOVE Neo Sushi Studio (on 74th and 1st) and are shocked to hear that it is closed! We were just there a couple of weeks ago for their sushi omakase - which was amazing as always - and everything seemed to be fine. We weren't expecting this at all. I called Neo's phone number and the cryptic voice message says that there was a personal emergency of some sort. Does anyone know what happened and if they will be back any time soon??

And on another note, does anyone have any recommendations for innovative sushi omakase at a decent price? At Neo, they used to charge $45 per person for something like 8 very unique pieces of sushi, 2 rolls, and 1 hand roll. It was definitely one of the best deals in Manhattan at a quality/quantity/price ratio.

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  1. If by "innovative" you mean unusual toppings etc, I'd say check out Sushi Yasaka on W 72nd st. They do a 12-piece omakase for $45.

    Also, I think Sushi of Gari and Sushi Seki have set courses at a similar quantity/price - it might be slightly less food (9ish pieces and 1 roll).

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      Thanks so much for the recommendation!! I looked at Sushi Yasaka's menu (and some photos on Yelp) and the omakase looks to be exactly what I'm looking for! I will be trying it out this weekend.

      Thank you again!

    2. Neo Sushi Studio was our favorite take out place on UES. Finally we found perfect substitute Sushi Okki . Try you will not be disappointed ! Bone appetite !

      1. I feel the exact same way about Neo as you Caramels... I haven't been there in about a year but was going to visit today only to find out on Yelp that it is closed. This is a devastating tragedy.