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Mar 12, 2014 09:33 AM

Moody's Bahn Mi

I was in Waltham for a meeting last night and needed something delicious to eat beforehand. I went to Moody's Delicatessen.
Previously have had their Carolina Pulled Pork and Egg& Cheese Sandwiches - both very tasty. Last night the Bahn Mi called my name and didn't disappoint - it had crisp pork belly, country pate, smoked pork, daikon, carrots, more mint than cilantro with a siracha aioli on a long (vs square) ciabatta style baguette. I intended to eat 1/2 and save the rest for later. It was so good I ate the whole thing. Frank, who fills the sandwich orders, knows how to build a sandwich.

Then, I pored over the contents of the deli case. The staff was more than happy to offer a taste of anything I found appealing. I tried the sweet soppresata (sp?) and the genoa salami. To my taste they were on a par with what I would normally go into Salumeria Italiana or Monica's to buy imported from Italy. The Moody's staff were happy to slice thin as i asked and lay the sliced meat out.

I'll be going back to try some of their other house-made offerings especially when it warms up a bit and the grill comes out of the garage - garlic sausage, italian sausage, maple breakfast bulk sausage ... .
it's a good thing I don't live in Waltham.

Oh and right now they have only a banquet to sit on if you eat in. Some licensing issue with the city that will be corrected by the end of the month with return of the tables and chairs. Still, it's so enjoyable to go into a place that really aims to please. You want places like this to succeed.

Here's the menu
They also have daily specials.

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  1. WOW, now that really sounds like a sandwich worth driving for :-) Thx for the detailed report.

    1. It is quite delicious. Haven't had a bad sandwich from them yet. Last time I was there I bought half a pastrami (the fatty half, of course). It was the best I've ever had, the key being that it wasn't overly salty. The maple sausage is unreal as well - again, not overly salted or spiced, they let the meat really shine. Hot dogs are amazing as well. None of it's cheap, but it's well worth it.

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        The pastrami is insanely good. And as a Manhattan boy I know from pastrami.

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          Yeah - reminds me even more of Montreal smoked beef, which - heresy - I like better than pastrami.

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                I just had it an hour ago for the first time. Wow. Easily a top 5 sandwich. Blows Sam LaGrassa's pastrami out of the water. Great sandwich, great people in there. Can't wait to try some of the other things on the menu and to grill some of their sausages/dogs when the weather gets warmer. Downtown needs a place like this.

      2. I love the hot dogs they sell there, pricey, but spicy, and really tasty

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        1. <<Still, it's so enjoyable to go into a place that really aims to please. You want places like this to succeed.>>
          Isn't that the truth! we went late this aftnoon, awkwardly perched on the banquette( to soon-become tables and chairs) and worked our way through some delicous food.
          First of all, they may have the best smelling store air i have yet experienced. Maybe it's from the bacon? Like lovely light sweet smoke...

          The banh mi is a HUNKA sdwch and it is crammed with meat and colorful veggies, with heat from the siracha aioli (and sliced red peppers, which i requested). The one problem is that, mine at least, was wicked salty. Wicked.
          I asked where thay came from and they said they brush it w/ fish sauce before serving. yikers. (The menu doesn't describe that- so FYI, lower- salt people.) They 'fixed' my other half for me, so that was nice of them. My Love had a Cubano that he declared noteworthy for all of its elements tasting so "fresh/just out of the oven/just sliced ". My taste of it was indeed excellent, though the chipotle mayo and automatic sliced pickle on Dave's' cubano- had me preferring Dave's. And , while i think our sandwiches were really excellent, $12.50 @ does feel steep (Dave's is $9.) Their "Grass fed Friday" burger $15)had one returning customer in ecstasy while we were there.

          I was so impressed by the HUUUGE number of items they make and stock,including every sausage and cured meat known to man !(exaggeration but only a little one) and jams, jellies, stocks, less usual soups, a few baked goods and cheeses, and a full line of coffee drinks. And what nice people. Turns out the owner, Josh, works out of sight in the prep kitchen with a Meat Scientist , while the 4 people out front interface w/ the clients.

          As they settle and grow, they will introduce new items (some foie gras things, and more.) Such an impressive place.

          1. Just so folks know, the tables and chairs will be back 03/26/2014. Talked to Wendy and they are excited to get back to normal. I'm glad things have worked out for them. And sorry no Bahn Mi for me this morning. Had the sausage, egg and cheese. After one of these, the thought of going to Dunkins for a breakfast sandwich is now considered blasphemy.