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Mar 12, 2014 07:50 AM

Madrid Dinner Questions

Hey -

I will be in Madrid for 3 nights and am looking for some suggestsions for dinner.

I have one night booked at Meson Txistu and one lunch at Jose Maria in Segovia. So I am looking for a few suggestions that are not meat heavy... Ribeira do Mino, Los Galayos, El Barril de Las Letras, Sanxenxo, La Trainera, and La Paella de la Reina have been suggested and I am leaning for the first place. Thoughts or suggestions?

I am looking for a spot where locals go to eat, doesnt have to be fancy, just good food.

Also, any suggetsions on tapas bars or places to eat the best jamon?

Thanks in advanced all.

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  1. Best jamón? Try the Joselitos Trilogy at Álbora on Calle Jorge Juan 33 (Salamanca neighborhood)

    I strongly recommend the chipirones encebollados (squid with onions) or the bacalao al pil-pil (cod) at Dantxari