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Mar 12, 2014 07:41 AM

Humanely Sourced Corned Beef?

Hello! Does anyone know where I can buy corned beef that was sourced humanely in the Boston/Somerville area? I've tried WholeFoods, Dave's Fresh Pasta, etc. - everything seems iffy at best. Thank you!

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  1. MF Dulock tweeted last night that they'll have a limited supply of corned beef available. If you try quickly, they may still have some left.

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    1. re: VintageMolly

      Thank you so much!! I will try them!

    2. No offense intended, but what do you mean by "sourced humanely"?

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        Well, originally, I wanted something Certified Humane, but I haven't found any beef in the area that is certified. Therefore, I'm looking for something that was pasture-raised, preferably locally (not on a factory farm), not fed animal by-products, etc. I would prefer that it be slaughtered according to humane standards, but slaughter houses aren't usually audited by third-party inspectors w/ animal's best interest in mind.

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          RE: Certified Humane beef in the area. Hardwick beef from Harwdick,MA and uses cows sourced from the region. Pretty sure Certified Humane. They stock a small amount at Harvest Co-op and I think City Feed and likely several others.

          1. re: deglazer

            Thanks! I will definitely check out the Harvard Co-op in Central. I always forget about that place but really need to start shopping there more often. I don't think Hardwick is Humane Certified (which is trademarked by HFAC) but I they could easily have other certifications, like maybe Animal Welfare Approved. I'll look into it. Thanks so much!

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            perhaps the Butcherie or another kosher butcher? They are certified to be slaughtered humanely.

        2. And MF Dulock pulled through. So glad to have found out about them!

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            they are amazing. I have never tasted better pork from any source...

          2. We bought a few Wellshire Farms Corned beef briskets at the S. Weymouth Whole Foods. They are on sale this week for $2.99/lb (normally $6.99). Here is the website. They say it's humanely raised, no antibiotics, etc.


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                Moody Provisions in Waltham, the new artisinal meats/charcuterie store- makes and sells corned beef. you might call and ask them.

            1. Savenor's is blogging about their corned beef. Not sure how humane it is--but I'll bet they will tell you.