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Mar 12, 2014 07:25 AM

Kyo Ya

Kathryn, thanks again for the Kyo Ya suggestion years ago in this thread. Kyo Ya has certainly "stood the test of time."

SO ate there recently. He said it's some of the best Japanese/fine dining he's ever had. I'll see if I can get more details to post. This time he sat in the back. Our first time there we sat in the front. Even better, he said WE must go soon.

Also, a perfect choice for those seeking seafood or who don't eat meat during Lent (this year 3/3 or 3/5 until Easter).

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  1. We went to Kyo Ya recently. The Zen like atmosphere is restorative. At one point it did get a little loud, though.

    The highlights were cherry smoked anago (eel) and ankimo daikon simmered monkfish liver with daikon radish in sweet soy sauce. Amazing.

    We also had fresh sea urchin. I had sea urchin once before at another restaurant and it was not good. Now I know how it should be.

    Ebi shinjo - bite sized shrimp mousse balls and vegetables in thick broth.

    Seasonal kamadaki rice cooked in clay pot. We had a choice of seafood (razor clams and ? OR ?). Delicious. Takes 45 minutes.

    We had 2 desserts. A distant memory now.

    A relaxing few hours. Service was excellent. Expensive, but so worth it.

    1. I was there tonite, it was awesome as ever. I didn't get the kaiseki menu because it was spur of the moment. The chawanmushi was excellent and made the way I like it. Brushstroke's was a disappointment.
      The satoimo gobo croquettes were great, as was the warm ankimo, the semi-dried octopus, shiokara, fermented uni. Great grilled baby sawara ( spanish mackerel), and the pressed mackerel sushi was fantastic. Everytime I go here to eat, I remember how much I love Kyo Ya.