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Mar 12, 2014 06:37 AM

Mario Batali coming to New Haven?

Not a huge fan of his- (disclaimer-I have never eaten at any of his places- he just rubs me the wrong way on his shows), but for those that are- it looks like he is exploring coming to New Haven

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    I had just read it in the Independent.....

    Don't like his Westport or PortChester locations, doubt he could draw me to Park Street, New Haven

    1. I've been to both the PortChester and Westport locations multiple times, but never to his better NYC restaurants.
      On occasion there has been a heavy-hand with salt, but all in all I have to say I am a big fan if you stick to the simple items. I've never had a main/meat dish at either location. Every time I go it is for the fresh pasta and the pizzas, and I've yet to be disappointed; he does an excellent job of balancing the pasta to the sauce - - - not oversaucing dishes like so many Italian-American restaurants. I particularly like their carbonara and the black fettucini with shrimp and chili. And I do love his wine lists too!

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        Your experience brought you the better of the food and drink. I've enjoyed the pasta as side to meat/main entrees, but was underwhelmed by the meat meals. The pizza is just ok to me. I know that may seem odd, but I have almost 60 years of eating Apizza at Sally's behind me and noveau pizza, whether al a Batali or years ago at Spago al a Wolfgang Puck is not my ideal.

        And I think it unfair that Batali is being hyped for this venture. Bastianich is as much the owner/driving force and the wine list is his domain.

      2. "I have almost 60 years of eating Apizza at Sally's behind me and noveau pizza, whether al a Batali or years ago at Spago al a Wolfgang Puck is not my ideal."

        -Well done

        1. I generally agree with bagelman on this one. I have tried Tarry Lodge in Port Chester a couple of times and was underwhelmed. Yes, the pastas were good, but nothing else was memorable. It is neither as refined as the Batali/Bastianach ventures in NYC, nor as enjoyable as many of the unpretentious, inexpensive ethnic choices in Port Chester. (Haven't bothered with Westport).

          That this story as gotten so much traction shows the power of a great brand and savvy marketing in the restaurant business.

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          1. re: SteveSCT

            The best feature of the B/B Port Chester venture is the retail shopping. A mini Eataly experience wiothout going to Manhattan.
            Now if they had decided to open a retail venture in New Haven, that would excite me.

            1. re: bagelman01

              True. The prices are high in the retail, but so is the quality and many of the products are eclectic (as at Eataly). I have found some unique wines at reasonable prices there as well - Bastianach's influence, as you noted.

              (Off topic - if you do find yourself shopping at Tarry Market, go across the street to the Kneaded Bread for baked goods. Their loaves and focaccia are excellent)