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Mar 12, 2014 05:36 AM

cheap and easy lunch near Lincoln Center or nearby (with teenagers)

I'll be with a group of teenagers tomorrow near Lincoln Center around lunch time.
Anything near for pizza, sandwiches, salads? It's going to be cold so we'll probably want to eat inside.
We can walk towards Columbus Circle and head down 7 Ave.

Probably hit Chelsea Market on Friday or Saturday when we are closer to that area.

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  1. For quick NY slice if you heading south, Sacco on 9th between 54/55. For fancier sit down pizza head down to Don Antonio on 50th and 8th

    1. The Smith (across from Lincoln Center)

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      1. re: boredough

        Um.... Not "cheap" if you ask me...

        1. re: Ttrockwood

          It's all relative, but I guess you're right. Sorry!

      2. There is an indoor park, with food by 'wichcraft, right across the side street from Lincoln Center at 61 W. 62nd. Food is good and informal.

        Another option, if you want sit down service, is the cafe inside the Film Society of Lincoln Center. Here's the lunch menu:

        I've eaten at both in the evenings and the food is quite good.

        1. The whole foods at columbus circle inside the time warner center has a huge selection of lunchy options (soup, salads, pizza, sandwiches etc) as well as a good sized area with tables to sit and eat what you buy.

          1. Try Indie Food and Wine inside the Film Society at LC.