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Mar 12, 2014 05:31 AM

6-hour layover at IAH George Bush Houston airport... lunch?

I have a long layover this Saturday (11am to 5pm). I won't have a car. What should I do? Is there good BBQ around? Or some other food I shouldn't miss?
(All the posts about this are a few years old, thus the new post.)

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  1. I know of nothing new around the airport, it's pretty much the same as noted in prior comments. However, there are some really good options within the airport now, so I would recommend a stayover at IAH!

    I particularly like Cat Cora's Kitchen and Pappadeaux (the Pappas are a local, well loved family that also run the airport's order-at-the-counter Pappasito's).

    In case you feel the urge to flee the confines, here's a not too distant article about the weak offerings. Some of these are not too close, so plan on a big cab fare:

    I notice the article doesn't mention the one place several of us usually mention, Jimmy G's, which has a relaxing environment and decent seafood:

    1. I highly recommend Jimmy G's -- its not far, and well worth the cab fare. Its oyster season, and they do them several different and amazing ways. They open at noon on Saturdays. Their gumbo is some of the best.

      1. Pappadeaux is worth the flight. Better still, crawfish season just started.

        1. I highly recommend Gumbo Jeaux, a short cab ride from the airport.

          IMO, Pappadeaux is just another chain. But YMMV.

          The Houston airport is HUGE and has loads of options if you want to stay there. But with that long a layover, I'd leave. Have fun.