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Mar 11, 2014 10:15 PM

Favourite sweet pie??

Hello chowhounders! got pies on the mind and just curious as to everyone's favorite kind of (sweet) pie! Also crust preference; pie crust or crumb crust?
Personally I love lemon meringue pie with a regular shortcrust.

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  1. I love any fruit pie with a double crust. If it is made with fresh fruit, I would eat it. I really wouldn't have a strong preference.

    I also love blackberry cobbler. Crust on the bottom, square pan, lattice top.

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      oh! good point about lattice or pastry topping. hmmm

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        Fruit pie for me too, please. I prefer mine somewhat tart, with lemon, other citrus, or ginger notes.

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          Ahhhh.... My parents have ollaliberries in the backyard- cobbler (no bottom crust) with a sweet biscuit topping- like chicken and dumplings, not the entire top- was often dessert in the summer

            1. Plum pie.

              By sweet, you mean as opposed to savory? Because I like my pies tart.

              1. My mom used to make the most simple chocolate pudding pie for Thanksgiving because my brother wouldn't eat pumpkin or apple. It was just homemade pudding in a homemade crust. The crust was a little sweet and the bottom got just a little squishy when it sat in the fridge. Probably more nostalgia than anything, but I've never been able to make one just like it.