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Favourite sweet pie??

Hello chowhounders! got pies on the mind and just curious as to everyone's favorite kind of (sweet) pie! Also crust preference; pie crust or crumb crust?
Personally I love lemon meringue pie with a regular shortcrust.

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  1. I love any fruit pie with a double crust. If it is made with fresh fruit, I would eat it. I really wouldn't have a strong preference.

    I also love blackberry cobbler. Crust on the bottom, square pan, lattice top.

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      oh! good point about lattice or pastry topping. hmmm

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        Fruit pie for me too, please. I prefer mine somewhat tart, with lemon, other citrus, or ginger notes.

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          Ahhhh.... My parents have ollaliberries in the backyard- cobbler (no bottom crust) with a sweet biscuit topping- like chicken and dumplings, not the entire top- was often dessert in the summer

            1. Plum pie.

              By sweet, you mean as opposed to savory? Because I like my pies tart.

              1. My mom used to make the most simple chocolate pudding pie for Thanksgiving because my brother wouldn't eat pumpkin or apple. It was just homemade pudding in a homemade crust. The crust was a little sweet and the bottom got just a little squishy when it sat in the fridge. Probably more nostalgia than anything, but I've never been able to make one just like it.

                1. Banoffee!!! With a crumb crust. I like tart fruit pies (apple, etc.) as well but something about that banana / cream / dulce de leche combo is just euphoric. A blueberry brown butter pie I made once takes a very very close second place.

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                      Ditto. Rhubarb with lattice is a close second. Love love love the tart flavors!

                      ETA: My grandmother used to make FABULOUS elderberry pie when I was a kid - I'm dying to find a source for elderberries so I can replicate it!

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                        I have never had a rhubarb pie, but I bet I would absolutely love it.

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                          nor have I EWsf, but my cousins in Minnesota make me rhubarb sauce, like applesauce without the apples.
                          it's dynamo

                    2. Peanut butter pie with a reggler pie crust. Either that or the Khantessa.

                      1. Banberry with regular crust
                        Fresh Peach " " "
                        French Silk " " "

                        1. Best pie I ever ate was fresh raspberries in a pie crust (a la mode). It was just the whole fruit cooked down in the crust.

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                            I had some great raspberries the other day and it really made me want to try a pie - I don't think I've ever had raspberry pie, but I'm sure it's amazing.

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                              Raspberry pie is wonderful! Here in Georgia we like to combine them with peaches. Probably my all-time favorite!

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                              Never had that, but i'm drooling at the thought.

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                                2nd for sweet potato... with pecans... just sublime and naturally sweet.

                                1. Apple pie with regular pastry double crust.
                                  Key lime pie with graham cracker crust.

                                  1. Chocolate chip cookie pie. Pastry crust. Warm with some ice cream on top...

                                    1. Another Pecan Pie fan. ~ If she were still alive, I'd say my Grandmother Ida's huckleberry cobbler.

                                      1. Grape with two crusts....yummmmmmm!

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                                          I get very frustrated in not being able to get Concord grapes to make grape pie. Last August we were near Atlanta and stopped at a farm stand where I got some and took home for pie. Occasionally Kroger gets some Concords in but they are too small and really don't have the flavor :-( !

                                        2. About once or twice a year I get a hankering for a raisin pie......and my granddaughter makes me one.

                                          1. Pecan or Sweet Potato. If it's one of these, you could put it in any crust you have around. For fruit pies I prefer a pie crust over crumb.

                                            1. Coconut meringue, but only my grandmother's recipe. Blueberry with regular pie crust is a close second.

                                              1. Best: Lilikoi pie with a shortbread crust. Gotta go to Kauai for that, which is as good an excuse as any!

                                                Favorite custard pie: Anchorage-Westward hotel coffee shop – lightly sweetened dark chocolate filling in a very short crust, topped with almost-unsweetened whipped cream with shavings of bittersweet chocolate scattered on. That was in 1965, and I still dream of it.

                                                Best commercial fruit pie: Linn's raspberry-rhubarb, short lattice-top crust, Cambria, CA. They're famous for their olallieberry, but this is even better.

                                                Pie of choice for Thanksgiving: mincemeat! Favorite that I make: pecan. Favorite I haven't made yet: dulce de leche topped with apricot halves in a gingersnap crumb crust, top glazed with a mace-scented syrup. Work in progress.

                                                1. Not at all a fruit pie person. Apple crisp every once in a while, but no thrill from fruit pie in general.

                                                  Pecan pie (or a chocolate pecan pie) or pumpkin. If a chocolate tart counts as pie, then that's the one. Definitely a chocoholic!

                                                  1. i love a not-too-pecan and a two-crusted cherry. but growing up, my favorite was the coconut cream (in a pastry crust) the gift shop in the local hospital served. it's been decades, but i can still taste it -- and have yet to find its equal.

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                                                    1. I think I pretty much love pies of all kinds, and in all forms, on all different types of crusts.

                                                      Fruit, cream, nut, sugar, crack, ice cream etc. are all good.

                                                      But there is one pie that I'm really not that fond of: Blueberry.

                                                      Even the best of them at most present a muted blueberry flavor, and at worst taste like bottled pancake syrup.

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                                                        have you ever had a fresh blueberry pie? very different. I don't that I've ever had a cooked one.

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                                                          I'm guessing you have not had a blueberry pie made with the small wild blueberries. They are bursting with flavor. Since I don't live where they grow anymore, I buy frozen wild blueberries. They are good and full of flavor.

                                                        2. My grandmother cooked dozens of pies a day for my grandfather's restaurant for 40yrs.
                                                          Her pecan pie was irreplaceable.

                                                          1. Pumpkin pie might be my #1 sweet pie. I also like key lime pie with a graham cracker crust and a coconut cream pie. The kind that is really sweet and kind of makes me sick to my stomach but I still can't stop eating it. LOL

                                                            Oh, and my own fresh strawberry and peach pies!

                                                            1. blackberry
                                                              coconut or banana cream
                                                              peanut butter or lemon meringue
                                                              dutch apple
                                                              Never had a grape,sweet potato or key lime.

                                                              1. Pumpkin, for sure, with real whipped cream on the side in a single crust.

                                                                Second place would have to be my aunt's chocolate pecan pie. I've never been able to make or find any that compare; hers is absolutely amazing.

                                                                1. lover of pie.

                                                                  apple is my favorite-grandma's double crust

                                                                  lemon meringue-grandma's

                                                                  blueberry-grandma's double crust

                                                                  huckleberry-MoMo's best

                                                                  'cast iron skillet' 5 fruit pie-
                                                                  grandma's extra large double crust

                                                                  Lemon Supreme -Bakers Square

                                                                  1. Crack pie. And not just the fancy ones from momofuku milkbar, Oh no. I've made my own!

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                                                                            YAYME - and a recipe? Did you use the momofuku recipe that's floating around out there?

                                                                            1. re: 16crab

                                                                              Used the one in Momofuku milk bar cookbook, I think it's a best because it has corn powder.

                                                                              1. re: YAYME

                                                                                I read it as corn flour-what is difference in corn flour - corn powder? anyone? Ferris?

                                                                                1. re: iL Divo

                                                                                  No, not corn-flour! Corn Powder, dehydrated corn ground up in a blender. Christina Tosi swears by it It adds an extra yummyness, I think.

                                                                    1. Wimberry - shortcrust pastry.

                                                                      1. coconut custard, short crust

                                                                        1. Pecan pie or buttermilk pie in shortcrust. Though I would not say no to a French silk or coconut cream pie with clouds of whipped cream.

                                                                          1. 1. Apple cranberry with a touch of orange.
                                                                            2. Rhubarb custard
                                                                            3. Bumbleberry

                                                                            1. Hands down my late MIL's home baked pineapple pie with about 6 inches of sweet crispy meringue on top.

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                                                                              1. Tart cherry pie. Double short pastry crust.

                                                                                Rhubarb apple pie (I don't care for strawberry rhubarb pie; most people today don't realize that red rhubarb was often called strawberry rhubarb, and that strawberry rhubarb pie at one time didn't necessarily have strawberries in it.)

                                                                                Holidays: mincemeat pie, with real mincemeat (with some meat and a good amount of suet), in a double pastry crust, and sweet potato pie, in a single pastry crust.

                                                                                  1. Rhubarb and blueberry tied for first place.

                                                                                    After that just about any pie made with fresh fruit (as opposed to canned pie filling), but maybe especially apple with a handful of cranberries and a bit of allspice. I usually glaze this one with a little confectioner's sugar icing since it contrasts so nicely with the tart cranberries.

                                                                                    As for crust or crumb, why not the best of both worlds? Crust on the bottom, crumbs on top. I usually make apple and pear pies that way.

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                                                                                      thanks for reminder about pear pies. how did that slip my mind

                                                                                    2. I have to list a second all time favorite of mine. Old fashioned custard pie.

                                                                                      1. Had a delightfufl peach meringue pie last night! beats peach melba : O

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                                                                                          That sounds divine. I posted about my late MIL's pineapple meringue pies. Out of this world. She made a *pineapple* custard type filling for her pies. Are the peaches cooked down for the filling or sliced and piled into the shell?

                                                                                        2. If it has a scoop of vanilla ice cream on it, just about any type will do for me. However, my first choice is usually cherry.

                                                                                          1. Once a year when apricots are perfect, Maida Heatter's apricot pie. Halved apricots laid skin down on bottom crust, then rest of the halves skin side up, top crust on - beautiful pie with the shape of the apricots showing though the crust.
                                                                                            But just once a year, it always seems like more work than other fruit pies, maybe because I only make it once a year (or less).
                                                                                            2nd choice, wild maine blueberry pie. Could eat that every day!

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                                                                                            1. Lemon or lime meringue and Pecan Pie are my favs.

                                                                                              1. Either pecan pie or sour cream blueberry with a crumble topping. Must be a pie crust, crumb crusts are for cheesecake!

                                                                                                1. Peach or cherry pie. Coconut or chocolate meringue, and sometimes lemon meringue. Pumpkin, pecan (occasionally),

                                                                                                  I have never had an apple pie that did a thing for me.

                                                                                                  1. banana cream
                                                                                                    fresh strawberry
                                                                                                    sour cherry
                                                                                                    coconut cream
                                                                                                    And of course around the holidays, pumpkin and pecan. I never really crave them any other time of the year. My absolute favorite dessert in the world is a fruit tart - with a sweet shortbread crust, pastry cream filling, topped with mixed fresh fruit.

                                                                                                    1. No matter what the fillings are, I'd like the crust to be twice as unhealthy.

                                                                                                      1. A quince tarte tatin with a puff pastry crust.