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Thai Restaurants in Monmouth County

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Is there anything worth going to?

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  1. Not quite in Monmouth, but I've read mostly good things N Thai Palace in East Brunswick. I have yet to try.


    1. I have found only one authentic Thai restaurant in NJ, Mie Thai in Woodbridge: http://www.miethai.com/.

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        +1 for Muang Thai. Outside Monmouth County - Mie Thai & 4 Seasons.

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          CKE, do you mean owned/run by Thai or authentic tasting food? Are you from there by chance?

          If I am not mistaken, all three close to me are run by Thai folks (siam garden, kuyna siam and muang thai)

          I know for sure Kunya is. She is always there running the show.

        2. I'd say, unequivocally and emphatically, "Maybe?"

          There is Muang Thai in Red Bank which will give you a fix if the itch is really bad and the sweats are about to set in:
          http://muangthairedbank.com Other comments: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/898168

          You could also try Siam Basil in Sea Girt if you want a methadone-type way to keep from being sick: http://www.siambasil.com

          We tend to go south, into the OC, to Toms River for the food at Siam Spice: http://www.siamspicecuisine.com But, we live at the southern limits of Monmouth County. See also, http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/708620

          If you live at the other end of the County there is Four Seasons in Piscataway, which as you will see in the cite immediately above is a favorite of our friend, JustJake, and pretty much at the top of my list of NJ restaurants I want to try next.

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            +1 Muang Thai in Red Bank

          2. +2 Muang Thai in Red Bank

            1. For northern Monmouth County, Siam Smile in Aberdeen is okay, though we have been going to Thai Thai in Old Bridge instead. However, Thai Thai has been raising their prices, so we may go back to Siam Smile. There is also Thai Shangri-La (again, in Old Bridge, just over the line into Middlesex County).

              Kicky's in Aberdeen has Thai food, but they have a nickel-and-dime policy that makes us avoid them (see <http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/8283...>.

              Ganga (Old Bridge, again, just over the line into Middlesex) also has Thai food.

              1. Thoughts on Kunya Siam in Atlantic Highlands? I used to frequent the place, but havent been in months.

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                  Muang Thai is decent. The new spicy duck on the menu cover is really good but at 26.95 its getting into decent steak territory with that price.

                  JMS, I go to Kunya all the time. Its closer to me and cheaper than red bank. I have a few dishes I really like (whole fried snapper, skirt steak, basil duck and chicken tamarind.) I think I have tried almost every dish there between my wife and I.

                2. I'm not an expert on Thai food, however I have always enjoyed Far East in Eatontown. Not much as far as a dining experience but the food is excellent.


                  1. + 1 for Siam Spice. While those mentioned in Monmouth are more than serviceable for a Thai food fix, I found Siam Spice to be the best of the bunch (even though its slightly out of your requested area).

                    1. I used to enjoy Aligado in hazlet but found their Thai to be very good one day and lackluster the next.

                      Mie Thai in Woodbridge went down hill several years ago imo.

                      Muang Thai is good from the small sampling I had. They're expanding next door so I assume they're doing well

                      Bangkok house in Eatontown is also good

                      1. We really like Thai Thai in Old Bridge. The food there is pretty consistently good. Yes, the prices have been going up a little, but where haven't they?

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                        1. re: otdina

                          Bamboo Leaf in Bradley Beach

                          1. re: agree

                            Bamboo Leaf also used to have some good Vietnamese food but dropped it from the menu a couple years ago...it was the only place in this area to get Vietnamese food and I miss it.

                            1. re: SusieQQ

                              Not sure where in Monmouth you are, but there is a place called Little Saigon in Marlboro, NJ that has pretty good Vietnamese food. The service is super slow, but the food is pretty good.

                              1. re: otdina

                                Thanks...I'm live near Asbury Park so was looking for something closer. Maybe I'll try to get out to Marlboro and try it.

                                1. re: SusieQQ

                                  I'll suggest the Vietnam Bistro on Route 9 in Howell, if you feel like heading west. It's not far north of 195.


                                  1. re: MGZ

                                    IMHO I think Vietnam Bistro is better than Little Saigon if you have to choose between the two.

                                    1. re: yCf

                                      Yep. Which then raises the question of whether your opinion can still be humble when in accord with mine.

                                  2. re: SusieQQ

                                    If you're in Asbury Pho Le is going to be your best bet.

                                    1. re: joonjoon

                                      Pho Le? In AP? I searched and it seems to be in Red Bank...is that what you mean?

                                      1. re: SusieQQ

                                        Yes, I mean it's the nearest Vietnamese place if you're in Asbury.

                            2. re: otdina

                              +1 for Thai Thai, any dish Thai hot with the Chili Thai Basil sauce is my favorite and probably their strongest dish IMHO. Love the curry puffs and shrimp fried and wrapped in phyllo dough appetizers.

                            3. Has anyone been to the place on Route 34, across from Delicious Orchards? Siam Thai I think?


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                                Nothing too recent buy here ya go;


                                1. re: missybean

                                  It is owned and run by the same folks that operate Siam Basil in Sea Girt...

                                  1. re: equal_Mark

                                    Enough said. I live about 10 minutes from Siam Basil, and work even closer, so probably won't bother to drive "up north" for essentially the same food.