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New Half Sour Pickles at my local Market Basket.

I bought this new to me brand of Half Sour pickles recently and we just tried them tonight.
I enjoyed these more than the Ba-Tampte and Claussen that I usually see.
They come from Farm Ridge Foods in Islandia, NY.
Nice fresh taste and good crunch.

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  1. Which MB had those pickles? New half sours are the best!

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    1. re: PinchOfSalt

      This was at the MB in Haverhill by the Groveland bridge.

      1. re: Infomaniac

        Thanks! Sadly, not my usual stomping ground. I will look for them in Burlington...

        1. re: PinchOfSalt

          I picked some up from the burlington location last sunday, there were only 3 tubs on the shelf though, and its been kind of hit or miss at the billerica store the last couple of months I have noticed them. They can be found in the hot dog/sausage/prepackaged deli meat isle when they have them.

    2. I'm shopping Somerville MB on Friday. I'll report back if I can buy some there.


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      1. re: BostonZest

        They were at Somerville MB today. Thanks for the tip Infomaniac, they are great!

      2. It is too bad they have preservatives in them. The Ba-Tampte don't.

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        1. re: Raffles

          That's probably why I don't like Ba-Tample half sours.
          If you are speaking of sodium benzoate, the amount used is harmless, and probably makes the pickles healthier than non-preservative foods since harmful microorganism growth is slowed, oxidation prevented, and nutrients are preserved.

          1. re: Infomaniac

            FYI, sodium benzoate is purely antimicrobial. It doesn't have any antioxidant effects. Antioxidants are things like BHT.

            1. re: emannths

              Thank you for the correction. No BHT in these pickles if I remember correctly.
              BHT would be a concern to me as I think of it as one ode the bad preservatives.

            2. re: Infomaniac

              FYI, I do not think their are any nutrients in a pickle, just salt and a few carbs....

                1. re: Raffles

                  Actually, cucumbers have alot of micronutrients. Better to eat a pickle than a handful of chips!

                  1. re: Science Chick

                    Interesting read, but why does the nutrition list on the pickle jar state that there are Zero nutrients? Is it the difference between a pickle and a cuke?

                    1. re: Raffles

                      I think it is probably because "micronutrients", such as lignans, aren't something that are reported on a nutrition label

                      1. re: Raffles

                        Because they probably use standard industry reference information from Bowes & Church's Food Values of Portions Commonly Used, the standard reference data source for decades....

              1. Found them in the Reading MB

                1. I picked up some at the Chelsea Market Basket, and also liked them better than Ba-Tempte. Very briney.

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                    I have to disagree, I like the flavor of Ba-Tampte half sours more than these. The issue is that Ba-Tampte get over ripened quickly. I hope MB doesn't stop carrying Ba-Tampte as i will miss their tomatoes. I suggest going to your local deli for better half sours, I pick mine up at Lendy's in Saugus.

                  2. Glad to hear this companies half sour are good. I tried their smoked pickles (I'm a sucker for anything smoked), but they were underwhelming. I usually get my half sours from The Pickle Guys in NYC, but they are expensive, as is shipping, so it's nice to know I have alternatives.

                    1. Today, I went to the Market Basket in Chelsea. They only had them in the Bread and Butter flavor. The person stocking that dept said they had sold out of the half sours and he didn't know if they were going to get them in again.

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                      1. re: catsmeow

                        The Woburn Market Basket was also down to just the Bread And Butter flavor.

                        1. re: Schnowzer

                          What....I got issues....fugetaboutit.

                        2. Scored some this afternoon at the Burlington MB. There were several units of half sours on the shelf...

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                          1. re: PinchOfSalt

                            The Rowley Market Basket has the half sours back in stock - I bought some on Wednesday. They were out of them last week.

                          2. You can't beat the taste/value of Trader Joe's organic pickles. I buy the slices at $3.69 for a big jar during the summer to have w/ burgers. Not too sweet; just a clean taste with just the right amount of brininess.

                            1. I've been seeing similarly-packed new Half Sours in a number of stores recently. Saw them in Stop & Shop about 3 weeks ago, and then Hannaford's yesterday. same clear Quarts, same 5-Gallon Paint bucket style 'tear' and lift lid, too. I love a new Half Sour as well, and these are hitting the spot. Yes, they're all a little different, and yes, you likely have to sample to find your fav. (And yeah, they'll likely vary wildly from batch to batch, as well.) So far, Stop's brand is better to my palate than the Hannafords (Sorry, I don't recall the S&S brand... might have even been a house brand. Might. Maybe.) Hannaford's are made by Farm Ridge Foods as well. Different label though.

                              1. on sale this week at MB for 2.99

                                1. We like them here in Massachusetts as well, the only critique I Have (as was also shared by another lady at the register counter) is once you open the lid you cannot seal it back again . Would like to see the company correct this issue as the product is very good. Not too salty and crisp.
                                  I used to purchase half sours at a local Polish community store/deli from barrels (and I make them myself) but these are much better. Diane

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                                  1. re: ahmma

                                    Hi, Diane--
                                    I have had no problem sealing these buckets up tight, however, I grant you that it's not on the first 'click.' Press all the way around. I find it takes 2-3 clicks, but it WILL seal.
                                    Good Luck. & Happy Mem Day all! (I have a picnic & a rack of spare ribs going into the smoker! Mmmmm Hickory!)

                                    1. re: BBQJesse

                                      Thanks for the tip Jesse, I just removed the blue tape I had put on my bucket and followed your directions. After I heard a few clicks, I checked and it was sealed.

                                      They had both hole pickles and slices at the Somerville Market Basket on Friday.


                                  2. They are the best pickles around, but
                                    unfortunately, Market Basket is temporarily not selling anything.

                                    1. Adding to this thread a mention that Wegmans has Bubbie's Pickles, mostly kosher dill and pickle chips. I think $6.50 a jar, which is less than at Whole Foods.

                                      These are my favorite brand, matched or exceeded only by some random pickles available from farmers, etc. in places too far away from here. Though they're from SF, they taste of Brooklyn.

                                      1. Star Market on Mt. Auburn Street in Cambridge also has pickles from Farm Ridge Foods, but they are packaged differently. Good stuff, I like them more than Grillo's which was my previous favorite.