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Mar 11, 2014 05:27 PM

Yum's Bistro in Fremont, from an SF hound to us LA Hounds.

"It is, if you know what to get and if the timing is right.

Kevin, tell you what: if you can come up and bring with you the LA regulars....Porthos, ipse, JL, chandavkl and the other Chinese and Japanese food lovers that I may have left out....I will personally host a table for us at Yum's, so you can see how great we have it up here.

But they all have to be present, is the condition :-)."

---- a gracious offer from KK if we can make it happen.

Just saying'.

Though I'm presuming there are no takers.

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  1. I would watch this reality tv show

    1. Sounds like a setup for a mob hit ;)

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      1. re: Porthos

        Oh shoot.

        You're probably right. :)

        On second thought, fuggedabout !!!!!!!

        1. re: kevin

          Or your LA compadres do something to you for some Chinese cannoli before getting to the table in Fremont.

          More Alaskan King Crab for the others! :-o

        1. Yum's is good. Took me 3 times to finally get to eat there since I usually drive up to the Bay Area on Tuesdays, and as I found out the hard way Tuesday is their day off. (Connect the dots: I drove from LA to Fremont for nothing.)

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          1. re: Chandavkl

            Oh. You specifically went to Fremont just for Yum ?????

            1. re: kevin

              No, I was going to San Francisco, but going there through Fremont is not a straight shot. You leave I-5, take the 152 to Gilroy then catch the 101 to the 680.

              1. re: kevin

                Keep trying, kevin.

                Here are the top threads for Yum's Bistro:

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            2. This is the pan-Canto place in South Bay with the Chinese menu board? Count me out.

              1) it's Fremont
              2) * gentle air jerking motion*

              Maybe if Yum makes ice cream like Mr and Mrs Misc.?

              Of course KK sent you. But that's one Canto joint, whereas I can find badass Shaanxi noodles in a Cantonese BBQ shop in Chinatatown, LA. Canto is out, Commies are in, and Commies don't care about Canto food when Shanghai has more consumption power, Michelin stars be damned.

              how about I treat KK (no one else can show up) to a meal at Chengdu Taste 2 when it opens in May? Cuz that is the future of Chinese cuisine (in China, and in US), not "the most traditional HK-style sweet and sour pork in America".

              Sorry KK, I'm sure the chef's a bestie by now, but Fremont so useless and antiseptic it doesn't even have a cafe nhau. Now, if there's an actual Fujianese chef running a full blown Fujian menu, yes, I'll go up there and pay for a meal myself. Otherwise, I'll stick to SPQR, Incanto, blah blah blah, while up in da bay.

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              1. re: TonyC

                Wait a second .....

                Chendgu is opening a locale up north ???????

                1. re: kevin

                  I think he means the new Rosemead branch.

                2. re: TonyC

                  Even though I'm Cantonese I have to agree with you on the status of Cantonese food. When I was doing background preparation for my Huffington article on where have all the Cantonese restaurants gone, I found that only 10 percent of the newly opened Chinese restaurants in the SGV in the previous year were Cantonese.

                  1. re: Chandavkl

                    I've made a similar observation in my part of the world. Not only are fewer Cantonese restaurants opening, many of the standard-bearers have closed in the last couple years. I've been wondering if the wedding banquet business model and having a wide variety of live seafood on hand is a losing proposition. Thoughts?

                    1. re: Melanie Wong

                      It's kind of a contradiction. Cantonese style wedding banquets are still very popular with Cantonese and non-Cantonese alike. My son just got engaged and the first available date for his preferred venue is next January. I imagine if you want a prime summer date, the wait is even longer. And as soon as Chinatown's Empress Pavilion closed down (likely due to mismanagement as much as anything) a number of contenders lined up to take the space. On the other hand, while the giant dimsum/seafood halls do land office business for weekend dimsum lunch, as we've discussed on the board they're half empty at Saturday night dinner. So between banquets and dim sum they're doing all right. But for regular dinners people are going someplace else. It could be cafes, smaller Cantonese restaurants, or non-Cantonese.

                  2. re: TonyC

                    TC you freakin crack me up, and thank you for the generous offer, though I'll probably be in the OC again in October before SGV/LA/K-town/Torrance/Gardena (the future must hit list), or I will find a way to work those in somehow (and of course Shunji). Also Sichuan cuisine is not really my thing, unless Chengdu Taste 2 were to execute at a level like...maybe San Xi Lou in Hong Kong.

                    But what's even cuter was Kevo accepted the challenge in trying to get you guys up here....for that I applaud him. Now that my handle is dragged into here, I'm going to put in a few more words.

                    I'll just say this. Yum's is not in the best of all locations, that I agree with. But the reason is that the chef doesn't live too far from there, and this bistro gig was just so that he could come out of retirement.

                    All the Cantonese expat upper echelon and local Cantonese media bigwigs, go there for dinner up here in NorCal, including pretty much all the golfer types. They drive from all over just to eat there. No café nghau around yes...but there is Your Coffee Cups served by bikini baristas ahem...across from our craptacular "Grand Harbor" MSG'd up Taiwanese small plates shop. Cost to performance ratio Yum's surpasses Koi Palace, Elite, Sea Harbor. Plus this guy can do retro labor intensive banquet dishes and has the most experience out of everyone else, thus I think his cooking blows away even your best in SoCal. It is an outlier of all sorts because he has no equal. The problem is that all the best dishes have to be preordered, and there is a stunning variety...but order incorrectly and it ends up being someone's crappy yelp review. Well if it helps, there is someone of that caliber in the Taiwanese food world, Liou's House in Milpitas....the owner/chef used to cook for the ex VP of Taiwan (Lien Chan), or so they say....but I find his preorder TW style banquet dishes nothing exciting (particularly if you can have it at a fraction of the cost in Taipei), but certainly unique for the area.

                    What still puzzles me is that you guys had some killer rustic regional Canto gourmet chef, Brother B or whatever his name was, that opened Bon Marche Bistro, that even our dearly departed EK loved, that went out of all I can say is that there is a definite lack of appreciation (or understanding) for a gem, or preference over other regional Chinese over regional Cantonese. Then again I already get the feeling most of you more well known and established Chinese speaking/looking LA Chinese food hounds are not of Cantonese extraction (with a few exceptions), and prefer regional Chinese and Taiwanese first and foremost.

                    What else can be said, there are fare more immigrants from Mainland China than before, visitors, including those being bus'd in to buy real estate in bulk with cash from unknown sources...and of course they prefer very tasty food that can be presented in banquet format and celebrating with whatever wine they can get their hands on. I'm sure it is happening in Southern California too. So yes TC I believe you on the future of Chinese cuisine changing and being the wave of the future.

                    But it is still a damn shame that Cantonese food is being marginalized from North to South, and we're still paying $$$ for basically crap for the most part. And all we can cling on to is Cooking Papa and Tasty Garden, which are better than nothing.

                    1. re: K K

                      Lots of questionable money leaving the mainland due to the recent corruption sweeps.

                      They flee with the money and buy up real estate and open up restaurants.

                      The south (by which I mean Guangdong) and HK aren't flourishing like before, now it's time for the mainlanders and their questionable money sources to "shine"

                      It's just a different wave of immigration, that's all.