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Mar 11, 2014 04:57 PM

Question about erbaluce

Some friends and I are going out to dinner this weekend and are thinking about erbaluce (the lower case spelling seems affected, IMO, but oh well). We appreciate really good food, but not what I would call "overly exotic" combinations (I wish there were a way to standardize food along an exoticism scale!) Unfortunately there isn't a sample menu on the website to get an idea of the kinds of food we might see. I am not a fan of wild boar, which seems to be mentioned in many erbaluce threads. (Restaurants I have totally enjoyed include Hungry Mother, West Bridge, Strip T's, Oleana, and Whisk's 12 course pop- up in Jamaica Plain--so I am not saying only the plainest food for moi!)

Can anyone give me more information about erbaluce's range of food choices? By the way, I also checked Yelp, but I trust you folks more... :-)

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  1. Entree land. Always multiple pasta preps ( from simple to some fairly esoteric preps) Usually 2 or 3 fish, tautog , bass etc). Almost always a delicious Bavette steak , the wild boar which is a signature dish and other meats from rabbit to venison. Seldom a bird ( which disappoints me). The chef is very accommodating and has always responded positively to us re alterations in prep ( no garlic or hold the cheese please). We go often ( every 2 weeks or so) and I suggest you peek at the bar menu while there. Meatballs are to die for ( though boar! ). Pizzetta too. Wine beer cordials only.

    1. Here,s an example:
      First Courses
      Minestra Of Lobster Broth with white beans, black pale and tarragon 12.00
      Dustburg Razor Clams Steamed In A White Wine fennel, and green peppercorn broth 12.00
      Treviso Salad with pistachio and walnut dressing and locally made burrata cheese 11.00
      Organic Celery Salad with gorgonzola, walnuts, lemon, and organic, olive oil 9.00
      San Daniele Prosciutto with organic peas and bagelnuts 19.00
      Ciccatelle with a porcini sauce, foraged mushrooms and marjoram 24.00
      Pizzoccheri with braised cabbage, potatoes, sage and crucolo cheese 19.00
      Roasted Potato Gnocchi with a ragu of rabbit and spring herbs 26.00
      Main Courses
      Sauteed Whole Black Back Flounder Filets with a parsley, caper and horseradish pesto 24.00
      Nasello Filet roasted with swiss chard and a roasted yellow pepper sauce with anise hyssop 26.00
      Slow Roasted Lamb Leg with an abuzzese egg and pecorino sauce 26.00
      Roasted Organic Baguette Steak with a crust of parmigiana, thyme, crushed walnuts and a red wine brasato 29.00
      Roasted Rack Of Wild Boar with a concord grape misto 32.00
      Enoteca Menu
      House Cured Green Olives with pecorino 6.00
      Artisanal Cheese Plate 14.00
      Arugula with local apples, fennel, and goat cheese 7.00
      Soppressata with a sweet pepper and caper relish 7.00
      Wild Boar Meatballs with a spicy tomato sauce 9.00
      Maine Mussels Steamed In A Tomato, Saffron Broth 11.00
      Bruschetta with lardo and marinated olives 8.00
      Sauteed Chicken Olives with roasted yellow peppers, leeks and fennel 10.00
      Pavese Soup Of Poached Duck Egg In Crostini* with gamebird broth and parmeggiana reggiano 8.00
      Risotto Edoardo with mushrooms, green peppers and parmigiana reggiano 16.00
      Panino Of Prosciutto And Taleggio Cheese with sage and thyme 12.00
      Fettuccine with sauteed greens, lemon, and parmigiano 11.00
      Roasted Salmon Filet* with tomatoes and basil 12.00
      Sauteed Chicken Breast with lemon & oregano 16.00

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        You guys are great--just the kind of information I was looking for! Thanks!