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Mar 11, 2014 04:24 PM

Chiliking Family opens in Prospect Plaza in San Gabriel

Taking the former Hong Kong Deli space in Prospect Plaza is Chiliking Family. It appears related to Hunan Chilli King (well, duh!). Hopefully more recon soon with more details. Yes, just one 'l' this time.

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  1. "Chiliking Family"


    Is a [space] extra charge when ordering signage?

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    1. Ok, an update after a check-in. First, Chiliking Family has a smaller menu than Hunan Chilli King, if you want to call 95 items small. Menu sections for appetizers, soup, chili hot pot, steamed rice bowl and rice noodles. Some, umm, interesting items. For example a couple with kale, including pepper with chopped kale. Kale?

      My thought is perhaps this is the HCK family attempting their version of Noodle King. I'd appreciate any thoughts on the menu.