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Mar 11, 2014 03:58 PM

All things Goat

I love goat. Let's crowdsource some good goat options around Dallas. Excluding Indian and Mexican as they are plentiful and I'm looking for some new options. Thanks.

P.S. it's close to Indian but I had the goat head fry at Everest last week (it was a special) and it was amazing.

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  1. CBD Provisions has small meat pies filled with goat braised in stout. They're good - not stunningly good, but make for a pretty nice snack.

    1. Homestead Farm in Keller has grade “A” raw goat's milk. Maybe cheese.

      1. Hibiscus has a goat ricotta bruschetta that I have heard was good but have not personally tried. Unfortunately I don't know many places using goat aside from Mexican.

        1. There is a Jamaican place called elaines they have very good curry goat

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            Second Elaine's Kitchen. Genuine Jamaican cooking in Dallas, mon.


            1. re: twinwillow

              i think i am going to check this place out next weekend. Just "climbed" Everest yesterday.

          2. I like the grilled goat at Nam Hua (Vietnamese).