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All things Goat

I love goat. Let's crowdsource some good goat options around Dallas. Excluding Indian and Mexican as they are plentiful and I'm looking for some new options. Thanks.

P.S. it's close to Indian but I had the goat head fry at Everest last week (it was a special) and it was amazing.

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  1. CBD Provisions has small meat pies filled with goat braised in stout. They're good - not stunningly good, but make for a pretty nice snack.

    1. Homestead Farm in Keller has grade “A” raw goat's milk. Maybe cheese.

      1. Hibiscus has a goat ricotta bruschetta that I have heard was good but have not personally tried. Unfortunately I don't know many places using goat aside from Mexican.

        1. There is a Jamaican place called elaines they have very good curry goat

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            Second Elaine's Kitchen. Genuine Jamaican cooking in Dallas, mon.


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              i think i am going to check this place out next weekend. Just "climbed" Everest yesterday.

          2. I like the grilled goat at Nam Hua (Vietnamese).

            1. Thanks for the tips! Forgot about the curry goat at Elaine's, it is fantastic. I'm excited to try the goat at nam hua, never been there despite many trips to that shopping center.

              1. Has anyone run into friction when ordering goat? I have found that I have a lot of difficulty getting goat in an Indian restaurant.

                Once (even though I ordered by number) I was brought chicken instead. When I insisted on being served goat, they dragged their feet & eventually brought it to go.

                Just the other day (different restaurant, different town) I was told they were out of goat, and that I should order the (once again!) chicken. Awhile later the waiter came back and allowed that they might have some, and I did end up getting it. I was the only woman and the only non-Indian in the restaurant (not counting employees).

                Anyone else have this issue?

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                  I've never had that issue though I have had to clarify that I do indeed want goat if it's called something different on the menu (e.g., if it's barbacoa made from goat). Slightly related, most restaurants around town (South Asian primarily) serve goat in their "mutton" dishes.

                2. Pakistani is not Indian. Goat brain masala, nihari, paya and several other goat specialties.

                  Nihari and paya can both be either beef or goat.

                  There were some goat dishes at Jime's Kitchen (African) in Lewisville I believe.

                  What about lamb? Is that a deal killer?

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                    Where can you get goat brain masala that sounds interesting?

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                      They have goat brain masala at many Pakistani places. I've had it at Al Markaz. Goat brain tacos (cessos) are also sometimes available at El Come Taco.

                      @LH, I'd say lamb is a deal killer for now. I'm particularly interested in finding good goat dishes. Love lamb too but could save that for a different post.

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                        sweet. Saving those places to my google maps right now for when I come to dallas this weekend. I keep hearing about El Come Taco so I guess i need to check that out soon.

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                          A big second for El Come Taco! Remember, they're closed Mondays.

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                            A little bit closer, cheaper than El Come and I belive a bit better is Los Torres Taqueria on Clarendon and Edgefield Ave.

                            I have had four dishes which I believe are the best I renditions I have had out of any taqueria I have been to.

                            Tripas - Tripe tacos. The version at Los Torres is free on any barnyard funk and they fry them. Most places do fry them but a Los Torres they are finely diced and I believe fried in lard to a perfect crispiness.

                            Tacos Ahogados - only place that I know of that serves these tacos. The litteral translation is drowned tacos. They take a freshly made corn tortilla and fill it with queso fresco or some type of neutral white cheese. They then griddle it until it is melty. They then take a spoonful or two of their birria and place that over the taco/s

                            Barbacoa Roja - A mixture of beef and pork. Not sure what cut of meat it is but it is the only barbacoa that my wife will eat now.

                            Horchata/Salsa Naranja (Orange Salsa) - I have had good horchata at Dona Lencha in Irving but this was better. The sweetness and the cinnamon were in perfect balance. The orange salsa, not exactly sure what it is called, but is a very smooth blend of very hot peppers and griddled/roasted garlic. These really aren't dishes but both of them combined might make you want to visit Los Torres again. Just make sure you ask them for the orange salsa, they do not hand it out freely nor is it on their salsa bar.

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                              That sounds exactly like stuff I would love, now i'm getting hungry. I'm printing that list and I will be checking it out. Thank you very much that's enough motivation to get me there.

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                                Ask for all tacos to be made with fresh handmade corn tortillas.

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                                I'll have to check out that place. I've actually been searching for a Torta Ahogada, a specialty of Guadalajara, and it is very very hard to find around here. Regarding El Come, I think it's a little overrated at this point. They have some items that are otherwise hard to find, which is great, but I was not blown away by the quality the one time I went. Still plan on going back though.

                                Quick note, Tripas are actually intestines. Buche would be closer to tripe but is pig stomach. I remember being surprised to learn tripas are not tripe as I had always thought.

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                                  I like El Come because the tacos are very good and, They are only 1/2 mile from my house.

                                  The "Campuchano" (brisket/chorizo) taco for $1.50 is my favorite. But, I do believe one should only eat there during lunch and dinner hours for the best quality.

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                                    I haven't seen any torta ahogada uless someone put it on their one off specialy board (Meso Maya, Komali,etc)

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                                      does the pambazo at La Hechizera not qualify? I'm not clear on what defines ahogada, but the pambazo is dipped in a salsa. Maybe the quantity of sauce is the distinction... the pambazo was definitely not swimming in soup.

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                                        I do believe it is the amount sauce involved in the difference between pambazo and torta ahogada. I have had the pambazo at La Hechizera, been a while. The pambazo I believe is dipped and the griddled. The ahogada, whihc I have yet to have, I believe is a pambazo taken one step further or one step less depending on the restaurant. Some will take the pambazo and sauce the torta with more sauce so that it is "swimming/drowning". Other restaurants will just take a torta and use a sauce until it is "simming/drowning".

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                                    I showed up at Los Torres Taqueria with your list printed in hand. lol
                                    -Tacos Agohados was our favorite item and something I will crave from now on. Near perfection.
                                    -Barbacoa was easily as good as the best i've ever had.
                                    -Horchata also had the best balance of flavors I have seen so far. I must say I wished they had Agua Melon because this is still my favorite mexican drink.
                                    -Orange salsa had an amazing flavor but honestly it was so spicy I could barely handle it. This reminds me to say have you tried the Yellowbird Habanero sauce from austin? Wow you seriously need to get it. A little less spicy than orange salsa but even better IMO. Makes sriracha seem a joke. This can be found at only one location in Dallas area at Family Health Center on Preston. Please take that advice.
                                    -Tripas, assuming they are indeed intestines as the other person said, are good but not my favorite, i think i'm spoiled on Royal Sichuan's fried intestines with chilis.
                                    -Chicken soup I decided to get because I like soup and their broth is pretty incredibly flavorful. They told me this was the only soup they had at the time which i thought was weird because I wanted something spicier like menudo or like the broth that comes on the drowned tacos. Do they not consider that soup? I would love to have some of that to take home.
                                    -Homemade corn tortillas. This was my first experience with them and from now on I was always eat these instead of flour when they are available fresh. If not freshly made then I do not eat corn tortillas or flour for that matter. At home i buy the raw pre-made flour tortillas and heat up in pan and they are delicious.

                                    I will say the food takes a long time but I guess good things usually take time.
                                    I look forward to your future recommendations.. I think next time I will be looking for a new cuisine to experiment. Everest certainly sounds intriguing.

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                                      If you had the tacos ahogados you technically had their version of birria de chivo (Goat that is eating solid foods and less tender than a cabrito) which is somewhat of a soup. Not clear on what the definition of soup vs stew is in some eyes. Birria is basically meat and a broth. Soup/stew who knows?

                                      They usually don't get much foot traffic so they tend not to have anything sitting around waiting on customers. I like that but others might not like the wait.

                                      Los Torres is one of the true gems we do have in Dallas. It is not much to look at and it could be in a better neighborhood but it is in the middle of its best clientele demographic. You can truly eat like a king for under $20.

                                      Glad you liked it and glad I could help out with the recommendations.

                                      1. re: LewisvilleHounder

                                        Yea I loved it and actually we went Saturday and Sunday because it was so good.
                                        The neighborhood is very lovely WHEN compared to Barbacoa Estilo Hidalgo. lol
                                        I will be sure to spread the word since that's what this is all about, exposing more people to great food and different cultures.

                          2. Sorry this is not helpful, but I would like to know about Everest... thinking about going there. Do they have a bar or anything like that? Usually on the weekend we like to drink cocktails. I suppose we could just go to a bar beforehand.

                            Also what you recommend eating aside from the dumplings would be very helpful. I didn't think this question was worthy of a post of it's own.

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                              Happy to help and I'm fairly familiar with Everest. Their momos (dumplings) are good. They do not have buffalo momos so if that's what you're seeking you'll have to go elsewhere.

                              There is not a bar but they may serve alcohol, I don't really remember.

                              My favorite item there is not on the menu but it's called Bhutun (pronounced boo tun) and it's stewed goat organ meat. This, like many other dishes, are served with beaten rice, soy beans, and achar. I recently had a goat head fry there which was a special that day and it was amazing.

                              I also highly recommend sukuti (pronounced soo-koo-tee) which is like a jerky. Another good choice is sekuwa which is like a grilled meat.

                              There are lots of dishes that will be familiar from Indian cuisine as well as a number of chinese options. You can always get a thali to try more stuff too but just make sure you start with momo's if this is your first Nepali meal as that is the culinary centerpiece of Nepal.

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                                Yes first Nepali experience ever. Saved that info. thanks for the help

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                                  Everest does not serve alchol but I do believe it is BYOB. I would call them to confirm before heading there.

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                                    Ohh.. ok thats what I was thinking. I dont usually do BYOB because I imagine I would feel weird bringing a bottle of whiskey to a restaurant but maybe I should get over that.

                              2. I just went to African Village restaurant (http://www.africanvillagerestaurant.com/) for lunch this week. It is in Irving, across beltline from Everest. I had their curry goat and my friend had their roasted goat special. It was a tasty lunch. I'm excited to go back and try their goat stew. They had a sign on their door saying "best goat in town", but it sounds like Everest may also be gunning for that title!

                                1. just remembered... FT33 has (or at least, has had) a goat mortadella as part of the salumi board. Very very good.

                                  1. I know this does not help you but I wanted to say I just experienced Everest for the first time. Obviously the atmosphere is dreadful but for the price the food is amazing. Everything was good but some things weren't as good as I was hoping. The goat chilli momo i got was fried instead of just steamed so I felt the meat was not as juicy as I would like. I think this was a miscommunication because i asked for one of them steamed and one fried and instead i got both fried. There was some sort of goat soup I had that was easily top 5 soups in DFW. I also had some sort of dumplings in cream and almond sauce which was not even remotely what I was expecting.. It tastes more like fried balls of vegetables in a spicy bean sauce. The naan was incredible though, like a perfect pizza crust with a bit of a char. I also had the chicken lollipops which were very tasty, one of my favorite parts of the meal. Washed it down with a fresh lemonade which was exceptional and refreshing, not overly sweet although it was certainly sweet. I wish they had cocktails but instead I brought coronas to drink. The location and atmosphere make me think this place should be used as a to-go spot rather than a place to dine in. The menu is very unusual so i could use some more help on what to order from here.