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Mar 11, 2014 03:36 PM

Mercado del Pueblo, Buford Hwy, ITP

I just want to report on Mercado del Pueblo (Village Market) that I just discovered and visited for the first time. It's in the Northeast Plaza shopping center on Buford Highway, west of Clairemont.

Mainly, it's just a large grocery store carrying products you could buy anywhere, but also carrying some products having a Mexican origin. There is a section that has cooking items and utensils, including gas and electric burners. Another section has some Mexican bakery items. Most impressive to me was the fish and meat counters. They had many types of whole, fresh fish, displayed packed in ice. Finally, there is a Mexican cafe, serving tortas, tacos, ect.

I was busy, but I want to return and check it more carefully. Does anyone else know of this market, and want to comment?

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  1. I've only been once. I still remember when it was Mercado del Publix several years ago.

    1. I have gone in a couple of times in the decade I've lived in Atlanta, and while it's interesting and very Mexican, I haven't found anything especially unique. For whole fish or other seafood, the selection at Your DeKalb Farmers Market is more appealing to me. I use Buford Highway Farmers Market for almost everything, including all manner of ingredients for Mexican dishes. I do wish BHFM's cafeteria were better, though.

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        I noticed tonight that the old Hong Kong market at Fiesta Plaza is now Mercado Fresco. You might check that out.

        And eating in the food stalls inside Fiesta Plaza is kind of like being in another country.