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Sep 2, 2002 05:44 PM

Montreal Smoked meat

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We are craving Montreal smoked meat. Is there someplace that we could order by mail or Email?

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  1. Lesters. Follow the link below.


    1. Here's the site for Schwartz's (which is the quintessential Montreal smoked meat) but I'm not sure if they ship or not.

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        1. re: Joann

          I saw this on FoodTV recently and my mouth has been watering ever since. I had found the Schwartz site but it doesn't look like they ship. I guess I'll try Lester's.

          Any recipes available or any idea what's in the marinade?

          Thanks from Houston.

          1. re: hermitt4d

            A homesick Montrealer once asked me to find a recipe for smoked meat. Despite spending hours combing the Web and searching through cookbooks, I came up with naught. Some aficionados (I don't place myself in that category) claim it's unique, a thing unto itself; others say it's a kind of cross between corned beef and pastrami. According to my information, it's not brined, which rules out a corned beef connection. I suspect it's very much like pastrami: rubbed with spices, dry-cured (no marinade) and smoked. The main difference would be the spice mixture. As I understand it, pastrami is cured with a mixture of sweet and savoury spices. But the roots of smoked meat are in eastern Europe (some say Lithuania, some say Romania). Sweet spices (e.g. cinnamon, clove, cardamon) were expensive and so were saved for use in flavouring breads, pastries and desserts. My guess is that the smoked meat rub includes corriander, pepper, garlic and sugar. But let me reiterate that this is all conjecture. Maybe somebody who actually knows what they're talking about will reply... ;o)

            1. re: carswell

              My good friend Marco from France also asked me to find a Montreal smoked meat recipe on the web. lots of places to buy but no recipe found. what's going on??? I share your grief!


              1. re: andrea

                Couln't agree more with you--Can't find a recipe anywhere-- not even in Pol Martin. Maybe a Jewish cookbook? Montreal smoked meat is THE BEST.

          2. re: Joann

            lesters deli is the best and they do ship. MMMMMM

            Link: http:éé