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Thin Filet Mignons

Hi all. I recently bought a bunch of beef which included *thin* filet mignons. I thought, perhaps, I could place stuffing between 2 of them and grill as usual, maybe hold them together with toothpicks and grill them as usual. Do any of you have any experience with this? Can you suggest anything?
Thanx for your help.

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    1. Flatten them out and make carpaccio

      Meat glue them together for thicker steaks

      Asian style stir fry

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        the best broccoli stir-fry ever...

        pan sear and top a salad

        1. I may get blasted for this (and yes, I know how to cook seafood) but if they're that thin, and you like your steaks rare or medium rare - and want to stuff something between them, what about some crab meat?

          The only problem with that is that the crab meat would already be cooked, so you would only want it heated at most. You could grill the steaks very quickly, and then layer them with the crab in between the thin steaks. No cooking already stuffed - the warmth of the steak would slightly heat the crab meat. I'd go for them.

            1. Cut it into strips and sizzle it up fast in a very hot skillet with salt and pepper.

              Serve on a French rolls with caramelized onions, roasted red bell peppers, and melted provolone.

              1. Cajun blackened filet: Apply a blackening spice rub on on side. Cook by searing rub side down in a screaming hot pan. Don't flip! Cook one side only. Serve seared crusty side up.

                1. Pound them out even thinner and have the best "minute steaks" ever.

                  1. Pan sear hot and fast. Serve with a pat of bleu cheese on top.

                    1. How thin is thin?
                      If they are still an inch thick or so the Cut is called a Tournedo and there are many recipes out there using those.