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Mar 11, 2014 12:18 PM

Tokyo Sushi Recommendations for a Family?

Hello all

We will be in Tokyo in June for a few days, and are looking for high-end sushi recommendations – the catch is that we have kids, 12 and 9, who nevertheless love sushi, eat everything, and really appreciate superior quality, novelty and a superior atmostphere/experience in sushi. I’ve seen a lot of recommendations on the board, but know that many will not allow families, much less a non-Japanese speaking family. We can work through our hotel concierge for reservations, but don’t trust them not to steer us to tourist places, and to steer us to the really special experiences we’re looking for. With a limited number of meals, we are not really budget-conscious on these meals, but as first-time visitors would probably find it easier nearer to central Tokyo. Any suggestions from you guys – who clearly have an amazing amount of knowledge – would be truly and greatly appreciated.

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  1. Sushiko honten Ginza does accept kids. Dinner is expensive, though, plan around 20,000yens pp. Ask for Sugiyama San, the 4th generation chef, he loves traveling abroad, is a great chef, and will be friendly if you say you want to enjoy maguro (roast tendon, nigiri,...). Just be careful on the pairing !!
    Now, just short of high end, and I think better than Tsukiji, for your children to enjoy a first sushi in Tokyo, I recommend you sushi Uoshin in Higashi Ikebukuro. Chose the menu at 6500yens, and the roast/simmered fish are very good as they are very fresh. If the menu feels too light, order some supplement. The young chef speaks English/Spanish

    1. I haven't been there but I read this review of Iroha sushi in nakameguro.

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        Wow, Tokyo Family Guy looks like a pretty good blog. Thanks for linking it!

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          I've been going there for years- . They don't speak any English...I actually think the hotel concierge and the places they may suggest will be the best options as they will call ahead and explain about the kids.

        2. Others will need to weigh in on the 20k+ yen per person places (so this may not totally answer your question) but:

          For a total experience, I think the two classic early morning places (Dai and Daiwa) in Tsukiji are unique. Great for jet lag if you are coming from the states since early morning = afternoon in the US. Yeah, it's touristy and there's a wait. While the quality may not be the very top tier, I think it is quite good. And if you don't live in Japan, the location and vibe of the market and the sushi bars are just so cool. It was unforgettable for our 10 year old son.

          It may not be "high-end" enough for you, but I thought Sushi No Midori in Akasaka Sacas was great for our family (me, wife and kids ages 5, 7, and 10). Definitely a lower tier price point but very good and seems well respected by locals. Lots of locals but you'll do fine in English.