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Mar 11, 2014 11:32 AM

Ethnic and other affordable eating options near the Hilton Hawaiian Village in Honolulu

Will be at the resort for 5 days at the end of March and won't have a car. Looking for lunch and dinner options away from the resort that are yummy and within walking distance. Local, all types of ethnic, nothing fancy.

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  1. Best bet for modest, not fancy, may be to walk to Ala Moana shopping center for the Japanese food court Yataimura inside Shirokiya 2nd floor. About a 20 minute walk, but there are numerous other options in the main food court as well, although the yummy factor may be lower. The only one there I really like is Don Don Donburi which has its own small seating area that is less of a zoo than the general seating.

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      Lots of japanese and korean restaurants in the Ala Moana/Keeaumoku area as well.

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        Ramen: Yotteko-ya, Santouka, Kiwami, or Kai.
        Udon: Yuzu
        Soba: I-naba
        Nabe: Ichiriki
        local: Side Street Inn
        Japanese: Michinoku, Yaki Yaki Miwa, Izakaya Tairyo, Ojiya
        Korean: 678 Hawaii, Sikdorak, Yakiniku Lulu Rara, So Gong Dong
        Shirokiya Yataimura

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        I vote for Ala Moana Shopping Center for variety of ethnic food; not the best, but OK for introduction. Next time you visit Hawaii, spend at least one month to really enjoy all the ethnic foods of Hawaii.

      3. ala moana food court
        keeaumoku/kapiolani area
        don quijote

        1. Thnak you all!! Any breakfast sugesstions?

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            wailana coffee shop
            eggs and things
            mac 24/7
            arancino/arancino de mare had breakfast stuff previously

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              Tango, Cream Pot, Yogurstory - although I don't think these places are cheap, they aren't outrageous either
              I keep hearing good things about Goofy Cafe. Haven't been though. Will have to check it out next time I am in Waikiki.

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                Had breakfast twice at Goofy Cafe. Awesome eggs benny. My travel companion was not into breakfast so we only ate in the morning a couple of times.

              2. I stayed at the Ilikai for 12 days a few months ago, which is right next door. Goofy Cafe was awesome. Here is the link to my trip report - I hope it helps. We also dined at places in Ala Moana mall and further down on Waikiki. We did not have a car so walked everywhere we went for the most part. Have fun and know that I am sooo jealous!


                1. If you're a small eater, you can always buy a bento (local fare in a plastic container consisting of rice, some protein and vegetable) at the ABC stores in HHV and eat outdoors at a picnic table under the trees on the grounds of the Hale Koa Hotel. Hale Koa adjoins HHV and you get to it by going through the Diamond Head Tower of HHV or the beachside sidewalk. Hale Koa is a military hotel, but a lot of their restaurants are open to anyone.