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Mar 11, 2014 10:50 AM

very very kosher in TEveria

Does anyone know of a good place to eat in teveraia that is not rabanut, or rabanut mehadrin or beis yosef?

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  1. Could you clarify the question? What hechsher are you looking for?

    1. So we have kosher, Glatt kosher, very kosher now very, very kosher. Wow! this must be a restaurant for tzadikim - I assume that there is a mechitzah there as well.

      Sorry, I couldn't resist!

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        They are so frum that they don't serve any food. You just look at pictures and imagine how it would taste.
        Chag sameach!

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          Listen, in many frum circles at weddings men and women eat at separate tables with a mecitza between them. Also in Israel you have places where ice cream stores have separate lines for men and women just to buy ice cream!

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            ....because we all know that buying ice-cream together could lead to......mixed dancing!!!!! (Apologies to all who don't get the reference:)

        2. I remember reading in Haaretz about a restaurant owned by someone whose family had lived in Tiberias for centuries and who of course were observant. She got fed up with the arriviste Mafiosi and decided that she wasn't going to pay tribute anymore. Nothing else would change. I will search Haaretz later, you try as well.
          Her cooking was reputed to be excellent and with many authentic Tiberian dishes. Once you are in Tiberias, ask around. The place seemed to be well known.
          See also in Haaretz the articles about the FLQ (Front de Liberation de Quacher) in Jerusalem- a group of kosher restaurants that have said told said Mafiosi that they are a cross that will no longer be borne and that they should take a walk.

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          1. re: Vinnie Vidimangi

            Here is the link to the article. I don't know if you can open it without subscribing to Haaretz.

            Headlne to google. Tiberias eatery doesn't need rabbinate to say it's kosher.
            Author is Eli Ashkenazi

            The article doesn't give the restaurant's name. (?!) The owner's name is Avigail Aharon. She claims that her place is Glatt.
            She says that she is a tenth generation Tiberian.

            I must go down to the sea again, and I will report after.


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              I've posted a number of FLQ related articles on different posts just to give a big heads up that places that people may have remembered being certified are no longer (so at least people are making informed decisions). It's definitely an interesting phenomenon.

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                Here is an article about a Rabbi trying to come up with a cheaper solution in Jerusalem,

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                  arifree - the text only of your post saying that your father is a mashgiach has disappeared.

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                    Yeah...I decided I didn't want to get into these kinds of 'political' discussions.

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                      Too bad. I was going to reply to the effect that the boss sends in the Jew to do the dirty work and take the blame. Also to tell a local story of how another outfit came into the territory and tried to break the monopoly. The matter was resolved when the boss of bosses convened a conference and told the two outfits how they would split the territory, and if they didn't act accordingly the b of b would move in and take the whole thing over.

                      Lord Acton was right.