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Mar 11, 2014 10:34 AM

Dinner ideas

I'll be flying into Vegas tonight for a 3 day seminar at the Venetian, I was lucky that the company will be giving me a $50 allowance for dinner each night. I was already planning on eating steak, etc but due to lent (i gave up red meat, pork, and rice) steak is a no go. I wanted that paella valenciana again at jaleo but oh wells.

I'm planning on going to B&B for pasta but where else can you guys recommend that is friendly to my dietary restriction for now that's within walking distance from the Venetian?

I can eat pasta, seafood, any poultry (chicken, duck, turkey)

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  1. You are in luck - your trip has you here during "Restaurant Week", which means a variety of specials that are in play. There are at least a half dozen properties under the Venetian/Palazzo roof that are participating, and you can take a look at their offerings here -

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        I can walk on the strip. To/from wynn to aria

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          In that case I'd recommend Michael Mina's American Fish. Would also consider Circo for more pasta and great desserts. Blossom has wonderful upscale Chinese cuisine, and Bouchon is also right there in the Venetian with a great menu.