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Mar 11, 2014 10:10 AM

Purim Seudah Ideas

Decided not to order the Corky's BBQ special for Purim Seudah this year. However, given that Purim is on Sunday again this year, I want to take advantage of not having to work and make some mean BBQ for the seudah.

I know there are a lot of BBQ mavens on this board. Any good ideas/recipes for chili, beans, shredded brisket, etc.? Something I can tie into the purim theme?

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  1. Following for ideas! I am doing the same theme...I'm thinking ribs, cornbread, brisket, that kind of thing. And what kind of pie for dessert?

    1. Perhaps for hamantashan you could add some cornmeal to the dough and use a peach filling - it would complement your main course.

      1. I've made cornbread croutons. Delicious on a salad.