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Mar 11, 2014 09:21 AM

Will be in So. Beach week of St. Patrick's day....

Hello all!
We'll be in South Beach the week of St. Patrick's Day and we're looking for where the good stuff is lately. Last time we were big fans of Michael's Genuine Food and Dink and Pub Belly's. We hit a lot of other places but these two stood out for us. So, what's currently good in the area along those lines? We'll also be looking for craft cocktail/tiki bars in the vein of the Broken Shaker.
Thank you in advance,

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  1. Get the calzone at lucali and go to macchialina. There is now a Restaurant Michael Schwartz on the beach and the Cypress Room (Design District) is Michael Schwartz's new high end place. If you want to hit midtown, I would do Blackbrick (new Chinese place very good).

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    1. re: tpigeon

      Thank you!

      We're also considering Mandolin, YardBird, Barceloneta, Macchialina, Bulla and Blue Collar. Any thoughts on those?

      We're also looking for one Special Occasion place and think Mandolin might be it.

      1. re: ScubaSteve

        Problem is you said you went to a bunch of places and we have no Idea where you have been.

        Mandolin is very good, Yardbird is good but overrated, I already recommended Macchialina, and Blue Collar is very good. Mandolin is a casual place not special occasion...cypress room is more special occasion.

        1. re: tpigeon

          Beer and Burger, Meat Market, Joe's Stone Crab, and a couple of other places on Lincoln that didn't Impress. The rest have faded into my memory.

          Thanks for the great response though!

        2. re: ScubaSteve

          I'd skip Yardbird. Menu sounds great, but food is not executed all that well.

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          I would do Scarpetta or Cypress over any of those. If you do Scarpetta, I would not do Macchialina on the same trip.

        2. For right now it's PB Steak on Wednesday and Scarpetta on Thursday.

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            Good choices. At PB steak Get the tartare sliders and ceviche taquitos. For a main I would go with the bacon chop over the steak, or if you want fish, the black cod miso (just like nobu's but cheaper).

          2. Sorry we missed posting before you trip. On your next visit, make sure to check out Funky Buddha Brewery in Oakland Park. They have ton's of craft beer, plus a brewery tour ($5) with lots of free samples and a souvenir glass.