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Blue Dragon for lunch-crowded?

Do you think it will be hard to get a table at noon on Weds or Thurs of next week? There will 4 of us and we are on a somewhat tight time schedule.

Most of the earlier threads were about dinner and the few on lunch didn't mention timing.

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  1. The only guidance I have is limited: It's always very easy to get a table for lunch on a Saturday there, but weekdays might be different because more office workers are in the area.

    1. I've only gone in the afternoon window, 2-5pm; it's quiet then. Limited menu: soups, salads, bahn mi.


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        Quiet as in slow or quiet as in not loud? Since the owner said, "If it's too loud, you're too old," I decided to spend my old money in other places.


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          Quiet as in very few customers and so hardly any noise.


      2. I work in the area and we go at 11:30 to avoid the lunch crowd there that shows up around noon. It has been a couple of months since I went so maybe the crowds are less now that the initial hype has died down.

        1. I've gone early or late - but it's generally pretty bustling in the 12-12:30 timeframe. I'd try to get in early to beat the rush if you have a group and a tight timeframe.

          1. Went there on a Tuesday for a work lunch and the place was packed by 12:30pm....they don't take reservations and we couldn't sit until our whole party was there(we were meeting people who were arriving from out of town and I hate when restaurants do this). We fortunately got to sit after our party arrived only because there were 6 of us and it was the only table they had open. Food is absolutely yummy. Service was pretty decent, but we did have to ask a few times for a few things. Get there early or expect to wait and make sure your entire party is together when you walk in.

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              We've moved a discussion about restaurants not seating incomplete parties to the Not About Food board. You can join that thread at http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/968835

            2. Thanks all. We are traveling together so no worries about incomplete parties but we can't get there before 12-12:15. We have decided to " "risk it" as it is a special request of one of the guests. Might just mean we get less time for other things before getting back on the train!

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                You should know that parking is a bit of a pain...they recommend a garage that is about a block away...but they only validate for dinner, not for lunch and parking for lunch ended up being about $17....the street parking around the restaurant is all resident so not worth the $40ish ticket.

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                  no worries, we are on foot and cabbing it.

              2. Just wanted to follow up with a report. We arrived today at around 12:15 and were seated immediately. We ended up being 3, not 4. They first sat us at high table with stools but we asked to move to a regular table by the window (those high stools are not that comfortable!) and they were happy to accommodate. It was bustling but not crowded, maybe 1/4 of tables full and a few people at the bar but within a 1/2 hour the place was packed.

                We started with all 3 dim sum items. By far the shrimp shumai were the winner. They were very tender, delicately flavored with nice hits of ginger. The spicy chicken dumplings were very messy to eat but the broth was delicious, fiery but not tongue numbing so you could really taste the ginger, garlic and chilies. The least successful were the pork and scallion ones, which are usually a favorite. The stuffing was very dry, the wrapper slightly gummy and the whole thing was overly salty

                After seeing the size of the Banh Mi (huge!) we asked if it would be possible to have one sliced in thirds to share. Again they were happy to accommodate. So we ordered the daily special which was roast lamb along with a bowl of dan dan noodles. The waiter made a point of explaining this was not the cold noodle dish with chicken and peanut sauce but the "traditional" Sichuan version served hot with a spicy broth and ground chicken.

                First the sandwich (did I mention it was huge?) was wonderful. The lamb was medium rare with a nice crust/char and generous portion. The bread was spread with what they called a sesame pate, with plenty of pickled veggies and slight hit of mint. The combination of flavors was perfect. While they paled against the sandwich the slaw was cold, crisp and refreshing and that taro chips were so good I was tempted to order some to go.

                The dan dan noodles were good but not great. I liked them more than my friends. While they weren't overly spicy they were full of flavor. I would have preferred more heat. The ground chicken seemed to soak up more of the broth and spicy heat. My friends thought it was overly salty and the noodles over cooked.

                Overall-winner! We would definitely go back. I would love to try the korean beef "reuben", the ramen and the fish chips (which the bartender raved about).

                On a side note-if you are sodium sensitive you might want think about how you order. We headed to the ICA after wards and within 20 minutes we were all complaining of puffy fingers and dire thirst. In hindsight I would have skipped the wine and stuck with water as I am sure even the small amount of alcohol didn't help

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                  This kind of detailed follow-up report is much appreciated! Nicely done. Tsai has never been shy about salt. That might be the funniest way I've heard to describe a salt overdose! Puffy Fingers is the name of my next hip-hop act, which will happen never.

                  I like that banh mi, too, though it's a rare case where an Iggy's product, in this case the baguette, is less optimum than the airier, less substantial product of a Dorchester Vietnamese bakery: I find it a bit too dense and chewy, slightly muffling the excellent filling. Were I to make one at home with that bread, I might carve out the white to within half an inch of the crust.


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                    MC you have a point about the bread, it was very chewy, the kind you have to work at biting through. I actually like that kind but I also think your idea of thinning it would let the flavor shine thru more.