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Mar 11, 2014 08:24 AM

Fresh or Frozen Pandan Leaves???

Anyone know where to get some?? I heard that there is a grower of them down here but i can't find them :(

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  1. You could always scavenge them yourself - the trees are everywhere in South Florida. Once you know what they look like, they're impossible to mistake for anything else.

    *** Edit *** google tells me there are over 600 species of Panadus, and the tree-like ones I'm familiar with might not be the same as what's commonly used for cooking. At least I can say from experience that they won't kill you...

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    1. re: Semprini

      Haha! Thanks! I'll give it a try.

    2. I get them at New York Mart in Plantation - Frozen

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      1. re: gourmetup

        Excellent! I'll look next time I'm out there. Thanks!!

      2. FoodTown in davie, also I'm pretty sure you can get them at cho a dong in lauderdale lakes. Try going on the weekend, cause they also sell banh mi, and sweets.

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        1. re: Auger

          Ahhhh FoodTown!!!!!!! I forgot about that place! I'll check out cho a dong too. Thanks!!!!!