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Mar 11, 2014 08:20 AM

TW Food Brunch?

Longtime fan of TW Food for dinner, but have never been for brunch. We're looking it for an upcoming birthday and love the idea of live jazz but wanted to know just how loud the music is? It's a small room and I'm curious from those who have been if it's difficult to have a conversation with the music or if it's enjoyable background music?

Also, any standouts on the menu?


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  1. I haven't been in a few months but from what I remember the music was more enjoyable background music.

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      wow, this looks pretty super. and quite a few unusual dishes. i'm trying to imagine sherry soaked french toast, but i do not know enough about sherry to know what that type is like...

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        That is the menu from when they first started brunch I believe. Here is the latest:

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          I was going to say, "I've never seen that menu" to OC, only the Jazz brunch menu.

          The original menu looks good too though. Wonder if they could still make that foie omelette...

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            This would be better addressed in a whole other thread, but boy do I feel for the Vegetarians of Boston. I get so ruffled by the prices I see on menus for most vegetarian entrees. I know full well that labor costs are high in boston, no matter what you are cooking, and TWFood, being as small as it is, needs to have higher prices to counter the number of covers they are able to do, but still... expecting someone to happily pay $16 for a vegetarian benedict? I just think it's a bum deal.