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Mar 11, 2014 08:19 AM

Merrill & Co.

Merrill & Co. opened officially last night at 5:30 - thought it would be interesting to leave a thread out here for initial feedback as people go. I am planning on either tonight or tomorrow, stopping in for a drink and a few apps.

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  1. are they open for lunch on weekends? it seems like they have reservations available for then on opentable, but based on their website it seems not.

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      I was told they would be open for lunch on weekends. Lunch, not brunch.

    2. Menu Here:

      Beer list is superb...Abraxxxas is worth the trip alone

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          They do - I walked by and looked in, probably keeping it as a separate daily updated list. They had probably 6-8 taps

            1. re: valcfield

              Interesting list. Thanks for posting it!

            1. re: maillard

              I'm going to take a wild guess that it is not a traditional Mediterranean-style dipping sauce (usually a mild, herbed vinaigrette or lemon dressing) but something Asian, perhaps like a nước chấm.


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            This was explained to me thus: "Merrill & Co, 'Established in 1923' is a nod to owner Andy Cartin's grandfather, Merrill Lieberman, after whom the restaurant was named. It was Mr. Lieberman's birth year. He died about 5 months ago."


            1. re: MC Slim JB

              Indeed- Re: black sauce, I *think* it's a squid ink based sauce, but don't quote me on it.

          2. Went to dinner last night:

            Burger was very good
            Crab Dip was very "crabby" which I liked, though my wife thought was a bit too "seafoody"
            Deviled Eggs - Hard to screw up, but were a nice starter
            Dessert - Nutella Pie - so-so, crust was a bit burnt

            Overall - this place will be a fun spot come warmer weather, especially with the patio space.

            My only fear is that next to it, there will be a strong Wink & Nod smoking last night there was a group of staff outside creating quite a cloud - that will become unpleasant quick.

            1. Went tonight. Had a reservation but the place was packed when we arrived and people were standing around at the bar as all the seats were taken.

              Apparently our table was taking a bit longer than expected to clear (they had already paid but were lingering and it seemed the staff didn't want to push them out). So we (and another couple who also had reservations) had to wait until a table opened up. (We were offered a couple of other seating options but decided to wait as the tables were out in the aisle and as it was so crowded, it would be a lot of people brushing past us.) Luckily, the wait wasn't too long and we were seated about 10 minutes after our reservation time. (I did notice the table next to us also stayed well past paying their bill so they will need to figure out a better way to space out reservations so that people aren't frustrated waiting... or maybe they just want people to wait and drink cocktails at the bar.)

              Onto the food. We shared:

              Fried Smelts - tasty, but a bit overpriced @ $14 I think for 6-8 pieces of fish. It wasn't too greasy for being deep fried. I can confirm that the "black sauce" is indeed a squid ink aioli. Came with a slice of lemon.

              Uni French Bread - I can't say no to uni or scallops so this was on my list to order. It came serve as two palm sized pieces of bread and the uni sat atop a layer of mustard seed and pimento sauce, and topped with a sprinkling of some sort of cheese. If you like uni and aren't a purist, it's definitely worth a try.

              Baked Crab Spread - I think we chose too many heavy dishes. But as much as I like uni, I also love lump crab. There was definitely a LOT of crab in this dish, mixed with mornay sauce and served with toasted bread. It was served in something similar to a small cast iron pan. Super filling, a little on the salty side, but very indulgent and we finished it all even though we were full!

              Brussel sprouts - our "healthy" side dish of veggies came advertised with charred ginger and lemon but I really couldn't taste the ginger or lemon much. The sprouts themselves were a bit burnt and I could taste the added salt, but it wasn't in an unpleasant way. Nothing special though.

              We didn't have room for dessert. My dining partner ordered a cocktail but I'm not knowledgeable enough to comment.

              Overall, a rather tasty and enjoyable evening (minus the seating issue). One more thing to point out - the place was loud. I mean, really loud. It was more like a pub environment than a quiet dinner out. And funny enough, the place almost completely emptied out by 9pm. Not sure if it's because it was a weeknight but it did seem a little odd.

              I'd go back - to try the other items on the menu... the cod and fried chicken are calling my name.