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Mar 11, 2014 06:56 AM

Restaurant Recipe?

Some cities have a local newspaper column from which people can request restaurant recipes. Is there anything like that in the DC/Maryland area? On a recent visit I loved the Eastern Shore Macaroni & Cheese at Green Turtle restaurants---loaded with crabmeat, a touch of bacon, and not overwhelmed by mild cheese flavor---and would really like to have the recipe.

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  1. Some restaurants reply positively to recipe requests (others not so much) - You can start there...Don't know if any local papers that do this but maybe someone else can help..

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      Absolutely agree. Worth at least a shot. I still remember years back, when he was still at 21 Federal, being put on the phone with Bob Kinkead and having a conversation about the recipe for his signature pepita-encrusted salmon. It just depends, but it's certainly worth trying the restaurant directly.

    2. I have seen Washingtonian do this.

      1. Bon Appetit magazine does this. I'm not sure if a chain would give out a recipe but you never know.

        1. You could always try writing into Bon Appetit and see if they can get the recipe for you. They have a column in each magazine that does this.

          1. On the Washington POST website there's a "recipe finder" of recipes the paper has published ... I think it includes some restaurant recipes, but I don't know how far back it goes.